Monthly Archives: October 2008

Wanna Laugh?

Okay, I believe that laughter is the best kind of medicine especially for anyone who is feeling a little blue.  Now, sometimes I get my laughs from TV commercials, comic strips or from a good clean joke.  But today, I was actually laughing at myself.

Now, this morning was an ordinary Tuesday morning.  The kids and Mark were headed to school and work.  I settled down to finish my Bible Study homework then to get dressed for the day’s events of Bible Class and Women’s prayer meeting.  I noticed my cell phone was on the bed charging and decided to lay my purse by it so I wouldn’t dash out of the house forgetting it.

I showered and got dressed.  While doing so, I was engrossed in thought of a friend from church.  I was praying that she would find the peace and joy she needs.   I was sitting on the edge of my bed putting on my socks and shoes and in deep thought of this friend.  Checking the clock, I realized I needed to hurry it up.  I grabbed my purse and phone.  I stood up from the edge of the bed and started heehawing!!!  I had forgotten to put on my pants!!!  Praise God that I didn’t arrive at the Bible Study in my VERY mini T-shirt dress, undies, tube socks and sneakers!!!


Today, I am beginning a new page called Blessings.  In this area, you will read about the daily blessings God has given to me, my family, and friends.  Check it out!!  Trust me you will be blessed!!