TJ + Worry = Rule #8

How many times have I worried over the silliest things?  How many times have I worried over situations that didn’t seem to have any hope.  I have worried so much in the past that I am almost complete grey headed!  (More apparent now than ever since the hair coloring was put into the luxury-can-live-without category in our budget.)  Now that is something to worry about!

8.  How much pain the evils have cost us that never happened.

If you look up the definition for worry, you are going to be shocked with the answer you have found.  According to worry is defined as “to torment oneself with or suffer from disturbing thoughts; fret.”  TORMENT ONESELF!!!!  That sounds horrible.  Yet, we do it.

How many times have I worried about…. I mean tormented myself over outcomes to situations.  Do you do this?  What if this happens…… What if I said this…….  What if I did this……  What if they do this……..  What if He says this……. I could go on forever!  I have spent hours in day dreams of tormenting scenarios.  What a waste!!

Now the Bible says clearly in Phil. 4:6 that we should not worry over anything.  We should however, give our worries over to God to handle.  I mean He is big enough to handle them, don’t you think?  I should pray for Him to take care of those thoughts (torments) as I roll around at night worrying instead of sleeping.  He can handle it.  He has already promised to take care of me as far as food and clothing and shelter….. do I really need anything more?

So, in 2009 let’s stop the worry! Just think of the health benefits, too.  Cast those evils unto God and enjoy life! Stop the waste!

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