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Justin's Prayer

We have always allowed our children to spend their birthday money on whatever they want.  We would like them to save but the money was given as a gift to be spent how they desire.

Recently, Justin received some money for his birthday.  Now normally he would want to go to the store and blow it on a video game or other toys he has seen.  This year, he hasn’t asked to go shopping…..

This morning his Children’s Minister stopped Mark and I to tell us the cutest thing!  The kids were given the activity to pray for 4 different people or things.  He did the standard: mom and dad, sister, and best friend.  For his object he put down $50.00.  The Children’s Minister pointed out to the group that Justin was praying to get money.  She said his was response was, “No, Ms. Kim, I am praying to keep my $50.  I am trying to save it!”

Well, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, now does it??

Today's Blessing 7-24-09

Every day, we can find a blessing.  Today’s was special.  Every year, my daughter goes to church camp.  She has a special place in her heart for this camp.  She has gained so many new friendships and enhanced the friendships of her fellow classmates from school and church. Each year she has gone for all the fun but this year, she came back with one additional story from her camp experience.

When we were driving home, Joellen excitedly told me about the dance, the games, campfires, and of course the yucky camp food!!  Then she got really serious…..  She explained that in worship all the kids were given the opportunity to stay and spend time in prayer with God.  She said she knew she had already given her life to Christ long ago but she had decided to rededicate her life.  She explained that she kinda had lost the feeling.  She said she stayed and prayed.  And now she feels better.

This opened up a conversation about how we all struggle with losing that feeling.  I explained that once you have given your life there is no need to re-save yourself just for a feeling.  The fact that Jesus is with you always and the Holy Spirit is within you means you can easily regain that feeling.   I explained that it is about her relationship with God.

I put it in camp terms for her.  When you make a friend at camp, you see them as a best friend for a week.  Then life happens.  You go about your business and you lose those strong best friend feelings.  Once you reconnect, those best friend feelings come back.

We discussed ways she can strengthen her relationship with God.  She said, “to serve, pray, and go to church.”  I explained that this is a daily commitment.

Thank God for this opportunity.  Praise God for these moments that helps me to understand where my children are in their walk with Christ.  Plus I kinda get the warm fuzzies all over and I can breath  a sigh of relief knowing they are following Christ.

Proverbs 22:6 ESV

Train up a child in the way he should go; even when he is old he will not depart from it.

Last Night's Blessing

I got a phone call from one of  my dearest friends.  I could tell by the song in her voice she was about to tell me a miracle had happened.  She had given birth to her twin boys.  Needless to say, I grabbed my purse, keys, and told Mark where the hot dogs were for dinner.

I couldn’t wait to get those little angels in my arms.  What I didn’t expect was the rush of sweet memories of my own children when they were newborns.

I walked into the hospital room and there was Kimberly more beautiful than ever.  She looked tired yet so happy.  My heart melted when she pointed to her beautiful twin boys.  Both are so healthy and strong.  They were swaddled tightly and sleeping peacefully.

Watching Kimberly and Raymond interact as new parents sent me back to my first night as a mother.  I didn’t know what in the world I was going to do with this little bundle so helpless and needing me.  My grandmother gave me the best advice, “Just love her and everything will fall into place.”  Doing everything out of love was the message Grandma had for me.  That advice is what I gave to my friends.  Besides, I know they will be the best parents ever!! They are so full of love.

Isn’t that what God wants us to do??  Do everything with love??  Wasn’t Jesus the best example of God doing love??  Didn’t God say He loved us so much that He sent Jesus to us??  (John 3:16)

Love is the mission left for us to spread.  Love is why as parents we raise our children to live a Christ-like life.  Love is what God wants for us and our children.  Love has no boundries, no restrictions, and no limits.  Love just a four letter word that is never ending.

My blessing last night??  Oh, it has to be the spit up.  The little one was having trouble getting it all the way up.  I watched the little bundle struggle with it while I tried to help burp him.  When I saw the fear of his mother as she watched helplessly from her bed, spread across her face and streak down her exhausted face, I knew all she wanted was to hold him and make everything better.  He finally got it up and I redressed the little guy and layed him with Kimberly.  Holding him eased her fear and I couldn’t stop apologizing for being “out of practice.”  The love was so strong at that moment as she stroked his little back and lulled him back to sleep.  That moment is frozen in my mind.  Love is so beautiful.

Facing the Choice to Spend

My adorable son was playing his Wii game and all of the sudden, the TV dies!  Out of nowhere the set just stopped working.  Being the electronic guru that I am not, we waited to hear Dad’s diagnosis.  DEAD!!

My son’s heart broke….. no more video games.  We were faced with the decision of making a major purchase.  I jumped on-line and started comparing prices of the new HDTV plasma screen TVs.  Oh, my, it has been a long while since I had to price a TV.  I was ready and willing to make the purchase.  Mark, on the other hand, told me to call my father, who recently made an upgrade.  Hoping his old TV was still available, I made the call and now my son is back to playing his Wii on a bigger TV than before.  And the beauty of it…. my dad wouldn’t accept any payment.  So it was FREE!!

I was almost sucked into the thinking that we needed a NEW TV!!  Thank goodness, Mark reminded me of my Dad’s TV upgrade.  Yeah, it may not be up-to-date with all the bells and whistles, but it is serving its purpose…..

Oh and before you ask….. the Wii was a Christmas gift from my brother and his wife to our family.  Thanks Uncle Jeff and Aunt Vicki!!

Christmas 2009

I know!! I know!!!  How can anyone be thinking of Christmas in this heat????  I realize that it is July but come on…..Christmas is less than 6 months away!!

If you recall, we had a homemade Christmas last year!  Mark, the kids and I had a blast coming up with fabulous ideas for presents.  Joellen really got into the swing of things!  She created a crochet hook holder!!  It is wonderful!!  Justin, made his sister a pencil box for her new desk her daddy made!  It was a challenge but it was worth it!!

Now this year…. our plan is to upcycle as much as possible.  We have plenty of stuff around here that needs a new life!!  So, look out family and friends, you may be receiving a wallet made from an old tire!!  We hope not to spend a dime this year but to give the most creative newlife gifts!!  If you are up to it…. join us in this year’s challenge!!!  It is never too early to start!!

God bless!!