Living on a Dime Detective

As many of you know, I am very frugal and I love a challenge as well.  I was visiting one of my favorite websites,, and she talked about the Angel Food Ministries.  I have heard of this ministry before but I did not know what kind of food there was and if it was really a savings.  I put on my detective hat and armed with my calculator, I made it a challenge to see what this Ministry was all about.  I had two questions to answer:  1.  Was the food of good quality?  2.  Will I save money?

I tackled the quality issue first.  I purchased a regular food box and a fruit/veggie box.  My total was $49.00 for the two boxes.  They promised to feed my family of 4 for a week’s worth of dinners.  I was a little afraid that the food would not taste good and/or my kids would reject it.  Well, to my surprise, the food was delicious.  Now, I had to add my own flair a couple of times but all in all, the food quality was great.  And it did last a week.

Now, did it save me money?  Remember I was armed with my calculator.  I took the list for October’s regular box and headed to Wal-Mart.  I wanted to see if there was any price difference between the $30 regular box and a box full of Wal-Mart brand items.  Here’s what I discovered.  Wal-Mart was $75.00.  OUCH!!  I was really shocked because the whole time I was pricing I kept thinking there was no way Angel Food could beat Wal-Mart.  That is a $45 difference!!!  That is $45 dollars in my pocket.

What you need to know about Angel Food is that you will have to make a trip to the grocery story for breakfest items, drinks, lunch items and other misc. purchase that you can not live without.  But the week that I purchased the box, I only spent $25 for the breakfast and lunch items…. Now let’s see that is $49 plus $25…. Oh my, that is less than a $100 for the week!!  My wallet smiled and I was feeling more financially sound.

If you would like to try Angel Food Ministries go to their website: www.angelfoodministries.comYou can locate a local church in your area.  Oh and if you are worried about qualifications…. Don’t the only criteria that you need to meet is:

You qualify if you can eat.

Don’t you love it!!!


One thought on “Living on a Dime Detective

  1. Thanks so much for the feedback. I was actually wondering myself. I have been ordering from Angel Food Ministries for the past few months. I love the convenience of the host sites and the actual amount I receive for $30. It’s good to be reassured by someone who actually did the research. AFM is currently working on making their website more user friendly. Here is what the July menu looks like I can’t wait to see what the August menu looks like.

    God Bless


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