Christmas 2009

I know!! I know!!!  How can anyone be thinking of Christmas in this heat????  I realize that it is July but come on…..Christmas is less than 6 months away!!

If you recall, we had a homemade Christmas last year!  Mark, the kids and I had a blast coming up with fabulous ideas for presents.  Joellen really got into the swing of things!  She created a crochet hook holder!!  It is wonderful!!  Justin, made his sister a pencil box for her new desk her daddy made!  It was a challenge but it was worth it!!

Now this year…. our plan is to upcycle as much as possible.  We have plenty of stuff around here that needs a new life!!  So, look out family and friends, you may be receiving a wallet made from an old tire!!  We hope not to spend a dime this year but to give the most creative newlife gifts!!  If you are up to it…. join us in this year’s challenge!!!  It is never too early to start!!

God bless!!


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