Facing the Choice to Spend

My adorable son was playing his Wii game and all of the sudden, the TV dies!  Out of nowhere the set just stopped working.  Being the electronic guru that I am not, we waited to hear Dad’s diagnosis.  DEAD!!

My son’s heart broke….. no more video games.  We were faced with the decision of making a major purchase.  I jumped on-line and started comparing prices of the new HDTV plasma screen TVs.  Oh, my, it has been a long while since I had to price a TV.  I was ready and willing to make the purchase.  Mark, on the other hand, told me to call my father, who recently made an upgrade.  Hoping his old TV was still available, I made the call and now my son is back to playing his Wii on a bigger TV than before.  And the beauty of it…. my dad wouldn’t accept any payment.  So it was FREE!!

I was almost sucked into the thinking that we needed a NEW TV!!  Thank goodness, Mark reminded me of my Dad’s TV upgrade.  Yeah, it may not be up-to-date with all the bells and whistles, but it is serving its purpose…..

Oh and before you ask….. the Wii was a Christmas gift from my brother and his wife to our family.  Thanks Uncle Jeff and Aunt Vicki!!

1 thought on “Facing the Choice to Spend

  1. I was gettin ready to call u whn i first read. James has an xtra one. If it makes u feel any btr i still hav james tv he bought whn we first startin datin in 1991……it still works. I havnt evn thought bout upgradin yet eithr. Tell justin i am happy for him. Thanks grandpa!!!!!!


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