Justin's Prayer

We have always allowed our children to spend their birthday money on whatever they want.  We would like them to save but the money was given as a gift to be spent how they desire.

Recently, Justin received some money for his birthday.  Now normally he would want to go to the store and blow it on a video game or other toys he has seen.  This year, he hasn’t asked to go shopping…..

This morning his Children’s Minister stopped Mark and I to tell us the cutest thing!  The kids were given the activity to pray for 4 different people or things.  He did the standard: mom and dad, sister, and best friend.  For his object he put down $50.00.  The Children’s Minister pointed out to the group that Justin was praying to get money.  She said his was response was, “No, Ms. Kim, I am praying to keep my $50.  I am trying to save it!”

Well, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, now does it??

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