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Make Over or Do Over

Do you remember being a kid on the school playground? Remember when you messed up in freeze tag? You automatically called for a “Do Over.” With lots of grumbling from the other team you were usually granted the ill-fated Do Over chance. And do you remember that kid that constantly screamed, “Do-Over!” every time he/she was up to bat, or to kick? I bet you wanted to cream that kid!! The game seemed to go on forever and the kid never learned to accept that one Do-Over was allowed.

We are in the day and age when getting a Make-Over is all the rage!! Don’t like your hair style? Get a Make-Over.  Don’t like your wardrobe? Get a Make-over. You could even be approached by morning show hosts in the middle of the crosswalk yelling, “You need a Make-Over!” How embarrassing to be caught in a late 80’s original hair cut and outfit.!! I would jump at the chance for a make-over. But I bet within a couple of months those Make-Overs have gone back to the original comfortable and probably easier style.

The difference between the two are quite similar but yet vastly different. Both are about change. The Do-Over is like extra practice knowing that eventually you will get it right. On the other hand, the Make-Over is a change as a result of wanting to improve the look of something.

I have read several books and articles about Faith Make-Overs. Churches are making over their worship services to be more attractive and stylish for newcomers. Is there really anything accomplished long term with Make-Overs? I mean let’s look at a person’s hair cut….this person has been stuck in 1987 and has been given a new color and cut. The maintenance can be overwhelming for a person. Trying to keep up the look will be exhausting and eventually will be abandoned because it is too hard. So what happens?? The person goes back to the 87 hair style.

Could this same idea be applied to a newcomer to a church? Once they have committed to the idea of the religion thing, they realize that if they don’t change every aspect of their lives the Make-Over becomes hard and maintenance that will grow to bore. Perhaps the church goer wants to make-over their religious practices. Wanting to improve their Christian living and to find that warm fuzzy feeling, the person jumps into every program the church has to offer. Sort of like making New Year’s resolutions….you are fired up until it fizzles out in February or like me, on January 2nd. The idea is great but once again, maintaining the appearance to capture a feeling doesn’t succeed in the long term. Some make-overs do stick but again it is how much the person wants to maintain it. A whole lot of work.

Perhaps the Do-Over would be the wiser choice. Traditionally, a person who calls for a Do-Over realizes a mistake was made and needs the opportunity to retry. Changes have to be made in order to improve and to not make the same mistake again. Of course, a Do-Over can result in the same outcome if we are not careful and don’t pay attention to our actions. A Do-Over is practice makes perfect. If we continually practice Bible learning, by doing and redoing, chances are we will eventually make a difference and well… find perfection. Look at the Israelites…it took them 40 years of a do-over to finally change and correct their mistakes in order to enter the Promise Land.

I know in my life, I am constantly calling for a do-over. And each time a I do the closer to getting right I get. For example, in my prayer life I have always done a makeover at the beginning of each year like a lot of practicing Christians often do. Yet, February comes along and I have slipped into my old patterns. Thus the make-over doesn’t stick. Well, I have smartened up and learned to call for a Do Over. I quickly recognize now that I have slipped into my old patterns and well…. I redo what I am supposed to do….have a prayerful relationship with God.

Sometimes, it isn’t me calling for the Do-Over. Sometimes it is God, Himself. I sometimes get caught up in the worldly views or practices, and well, God will call for a Do-Over. Calling me out or by pulling me back into His close circle, I recognize my mistake and I start over once again trying to make sure I don’t fall into the same pitfalls. Again, if I don’t recognize my short comings and pitfalls, the Do-Over is a waste of time, but if I learn from the mistakes I can reap the benefits of a wonderful relationship with God.

Well, a make-over has its pros and so does a do-over. I am glad God allows a do-over and doesn’t seem to mind when I call for so many extra do-overs, if I learn from the mistakes I made. I am sure He gets frustrated when I fall short over and over again when I don’t recognize the same old pitfall. Eventually, after a couple of do-overs I do wise up. I like doing make-overs but I have a hard time making it stick and become a lifestyle. Unfortunately a make over in my life is just a quick fix to a bigger issue. While the feeling is great, I tend not to keep it up. Perhaps I am lazy. Perhaps it is easier to call “Do-Over!” Or perhaps, I am a slow learner with trouble finding a quick way to perfection.

So where do you stand? In your relationship with God, are you in need of a make-over or a do-over? Can you put the maintenance needed into the make-over? Or do you need to scratch what you have done so far and start over with a do-over?

Either way, enjoy the journey…..

God Bless

Wal-Mart and Ice Cream

Oh……. goodness!!  Have you seen the Wal-Mart commercial about saving money and eating ice cream at home????  For $3 a family can have ice cream sundaes at home and save hundreds of dollars by not going out for ice cream.   Once again, I agree that eating ice cream out is more expensive than eating at home.

Occasionally, we go out for ice cream.  We will go to McDonald’s and have a $1 sundae.  But this is a rare occasion.  But we do enjoy our own homemade Frosties!!   And it is sooooo cheap to make…. Take a look!!

Homemade Frosties

2 cups milk


4 Tbsp Nesquick

1 Tbsp Peanut Butter

Blend in blender until smooth….

Simple enough right???  Let’s see how much this costs:

2 cups milk= $.34

4 Tbsp Nesquick powder= $.18

Ice= Free

1 Tbsp Peanut Butter= $.004

Grand Total:  $.52 for 4 servings!!  Now if you add a little vanilla your cost might go up $.005….But it is definitely your decision whether or not you want to drive up your cost!!


Today's Blessing August 26, 2009

Today was special.  This morning, I decided to put off the laundry and the daily cleaning routine.  I even skipped my morning walk with good reason.  I went to visit a dear friend.  She and I worked together for many years.  We taught across the hall from each other.  I taught English and she, math.  Since math and English are from opposite sides of the brain, I don’t know how we managed to be such close friends.  I know why…. she is absolutely wonderful.

She was there when I was pregnant with my son.  She witnessed the horrible pregnancy I experienced.  She came to relieve Mark and I when we were in the hospital with him.  She came just to rock him and give us 15 minutes to ourselves.  She was there when I came to work crying because my baby girl went to kindergarten.  She was there during the early years of my children’s lives.

She always made comments on how a good mother I was…..I humbly explained that it was all about love.  She has said on numerous occasions that she hoped to be half the mother I am…..and every time I heard it my response was always….you will be better!!  She is such a warm caring soul.  Full of life and spunk, she made life in the workplace bearable.

Well, today, as I said before, I went to visit her.  She has been a mother of twin boys for a month now.  She radiates.  Yeah, her tired eyes mirror the lack of sleep and the tireless hours spent tending to the needs of her sons.  I watched her this morning lulling her son to sleep.  Softly patting him and whispering sweet “I Love Yous,” the tired little bundle fell asleep.  I sat there in total admiration and awe as she gently cuddled her baby boy.  Wow!  The love between those two!!  She obviously enjoys spending cuddle time with each son.  And to think she was afraid that she would love one more than the other.

I don’t envy the late night feedings times two and I am sooo glad my two have long outgrown the diaper years.  But as I watched today, I caught myself wishing I could be half the mother she is today…..

Slightly Imperfect But It Works for Me!

Whenever I begin a redecorating project, I like to shop around to find best deals and great finds.   It has been well over due to paint our master bath.  A while back I decided on a beach theme.   So I set out to find the perfect  paint color.

First stop, Lowe’s and Home Depot…… I realize that their paint cost a bit more than Wal-Mart.  I know that a gallon of paint at Wal-Mart is $7.94.  If I can find a reject for a cheaper price, I will most certainly find a bargain.   If you go to the paint department, you will find on a shelf just by the mixing center.  On that shelf there are gallons of paint that is imperfect… meaning that the color wasn’t right.  It was off a hair or two.  The customer has rejected it and well…. they put it on sale.  This can definitely work in our favor.  The only pitfall is if there isn’t any color you like and it may take weeks, months, or years  before the color you want is rejected.  However, if you don’t mind the color, you have a wide selection to choose from.   I have also found Wal-Mart is doing it as well….

Second Stop, the Habitat for Humanity Store….Here you can find left over paint from the built Habitat Homes.  You can find the big 5 gallon or even larger cans.  These are mostly off white but sometimes if you are lucky contractors will donate colored paints to be sold as well.  The paint ranges between $3-$15 depending on the quality and quantity.  The extra bonus here is that you are helping Habitat for Humanity with your purchase.

If all else fails, I will end up at Wal-Mart buying the color of my choice.  Well, as it turned out, I found what I was looking for at Home Depot.  I paid $3.00 for a gallon of an imperfect sea green.  I fell in love with the color right off the bat!!  Oh, by the way, it looks great in my bathroom!!

Happy Bargain Hunting!!

A New Coat

Ya’ll it happened… it was there…..I couldn’t believe my eyes!!!  I was sitting on the toilet and right before my eyes….I saw it…. 9 years worth of filth.  No mistaking it, there was dirty hand prints, smudges, cobwebs, and yes….even…. it’s too horrible to say…..chips in the paint.  Painstakingly scrubbing and desperately wanting clean walls, I had to face the fact…. it was time…. TO PAINT!!!

Perhaps it was paint fumes or the thrill of watching the paint dry, my mind began to wander.  Looking over the past 40 years of my life, I couldn’t count the numerous times my life was covered in stains, dust and plain old dirt and grime.  The choices I made caused my mind, heart and soul to become muddy.

With every stroke of my paintbrush, a fresh new life to the room was created. Just like the new coat of  paint, Jesus has cleansed my life.  Forgiveness clears away any muddy residue.  Like after a few years, the fresh new coat of paint dulls and needs a new fresher look.   My life is just the same.  I must continue to ask for forgiveness and repent from my sins.

There is nothing like a nice clean room with a fresh coat of paint.  Likewise, there is no feeling like being forgiven and freshly cleansed from repentence.

I’m sure it was the paint fumes!!

God Bless….