Wal-Mart Breakfasts…..HA!

I get the biggest kick out of the newest Wal-Mart commericals.  Oh, you know the ones about how much cheaper it is to eat at home.  Now, don’t you dare spend $5 for a fast food restaurant’s breakfast.  You can eat breakfast from Wal-Mart’s low prices for food and it will only cost you a little over $2 per person.

Now, don’t get the wrong impression.  I am not saying to stick with the drive thru breakfasts.  I do promote eating at home but I know I can beat the “little over $2 per person” deal.  I commend the Wal-Mart marketing campaign for being pro-eat-at-home-saves-you-money and anti-drive-through.  But did you notice that it was advertising the higher cost name brands? Oh, come on…..  America don’t fall for that trick!!  Be tighter tightwads, geez!!  That would be an $8 breakfast for a family of 4.

Let’s look at what it costs me to make homemade whole grain waffles:

2 cups of flour:  $.16

3 tbls of butter:  $.06

1 cup milk: $.17

1 egg: $.005

1 TB sugar: $.04

1 TB baking powder: $.002

1/2 tsp salt:  next to nothing

My grand total for a family of four to eat homemade waffles: $.43

At that price we can afford syrup, a glass of fresh squeezed orange juice, and fresh fruit on top.

Now, roll up your sleeves, dear friends and save yourself some money!!


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