First Day of School

Amazing how fast a summer goes!!  It was just yesterday the last bell of the school year rang out and thankful excited kids piled out of the schools.   My two children enjoyed an action packed summer filled with trips, bike rides and swimming.  My two darlings have grown by leaps and bounds this summer both physically, emotionally, and spiritually.  The summer brought lots of laughter and good old fashioned fun.  Yet, the time has come that my two must return back to school moaning and groaning like all peers!

This afternoon, we were running errands for the last minute school items needed to complete our supply lists.  Both of my kids were discussing the return of school, when all of a sudden I felt my stomach sink.  Tomorrow, I will be sending them off to school and their sweet voices throughout the house  won’t be heard.  Tears began to flood my eyes.  I am going to miss them so much.  I expressed to them how much I am going to miss them.  My preteen rolled her eyes at me and chuckled at her “too emotional” mother.  My son was preoccupied with his new Wii game he had just purchased to care that Mommy was having one of her moments.  I sighed and quietly kept my thoughts to myself.

Wonder what Mary felt like when Jesus went off to his appreciship with a master carpenter?  Was she excited to have him out from under her feet?  Was she saddened that her baby boy was growing up?  Did Jesus roll his eyes when his Mommy’s eyes swelled up with tears?  I so wish God could have revealed to us how Mary handled situations like these.

Nevertheless, tomorrow morning will arrive and I will be packing their lunches with little love notes from home.  I will kiss them goodbye as they set out for a busy day.  My heart will skip a beat when I realize I am home alone. Then I will drive like a crazy woman to pick them up just because I can’t wait to hear all about their day.

Perhaps now I understand why God didn’t include how Mary handled these days.  The greater picture needs to be seen…..  I shouldn’t be so overtaken by my emotions.  But rather feel confident that I am sending out my precious children to show the world and their peers how Jesus lives through them.  I should rest my weary heart knowing that they can make a difference in someone’s life.  Whether it be that they lend a helping hand or pay someone a well deserved and much needed compliment.  However the avenue God encourages, it is my prayer that they spread His love throughout their day.

How selfish can I be??  So in the morning, I’ll kiss those sweet cheeks and pray their light will shine and be seen throughout the day.

God Bless!

2 thoughts on “First Day of School

  1. First days are the hardest huh? I can remember the tears that I shed too! Once the bus leaves, I shed a few more. Now my children are grown and having children of thier own. My grandson is starting first grade this morning in St. Louis. His mom is crying too…and I in Arkansas am thinking about him. Man, they grow too fast! But looking at my adult children, I have to say…all that I thought I was teaching and that I thought they were not hearing, is bearing fruit now. It puts a smile on my face. 🙂 Enjoy the homework…and just enjoy every moment…even threw tears, enjoy my friend…fruit will come.


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