My life is pretty mundane.  I get the kids up and ready each morning.  I pack lunches, make breakfast, and write little love notes to put in their lunch boxes.  I make sure the latest fashions are clean, folded and waiting for wear.  I kiss each one goodbye, including Mark and remind each             to have a nice day.  As soon as the house is empty, I  go through my morning routine: picking up the house, laundry, meal planning and I will stop there… I don’t want to  bore you with the gory details of scrubbing toilets! There are days I am called away from my daily routine to interpret or to sub at a local school. Everyday seems to blend together as the mundane stales.  But I wouldn’t have it any other way.  Like I have said before, I have done the career thing and I don’t think the 8-5 workforce is for me.

Do I seem to be complaining? Using words like mundane and stale, doesn’t sound like I am thrilled to be home.  On the contrary, I love it.  The very reason I do all that I do is love.  My husband practially every morning says he’s  spoiled.  I get up in the mornings and make breakfast.  Not because it is expected or that I have to, it is because I want to do those things for my family.  Mark and the kids would love cereal and “Eggos” for breakfast.  In fact, this summer I bought cereal and we had it for breakfast for an entire week.  By Friday, the kids were wanting homemade pancakes!

The love and respect I have for my family keeps us close.  I don’t worry about my relationship with my husband nor my children.  I take the time to listen, hug, and to make them feel special.  I couldn’t imagine not doing things for them.  It saddens me to think it took 11 years to  realize my career got in the way.  Perhaps it is maturity on my part. Plus, being financially stable does help a lot.  It is a legacy I hope to instill within my children and my children’s children.

Out of love and respect, comes a foundation for communication between all of us.  Mark and I do not hide the work it takes to mutually agree on budgeting, keeping a strong marriage, and building a Christian home.  We respectfully and lovingly discipline our children and discuss with them the choices they made.  We also are big on praise.  It is something Mark and I model daily by how we interact.  That is another legacy for our children and our children’s children can live up to.  Don’t get me wrong.  We have argued before.  However, never in front of the children and really our arguments are respectful and don’t  last for a long time.   Mark and I agreed a long time ago never to go to bed angry.

I guess I have said all of this just to sum it up by saying…… as a family we all are worth more than rubies to one another…… and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

God Bless

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