My Sweet Little Angel….

When Joellen was just a tiny tot,  I always included stories in our bedtime routine.  Sometimes, I would read a book.  But sometimes,  I made up little stories about princesses  to tell.    At one time, I documented some stories as tokens of days soon to be gone by.  Smart move!!  Anyway, this was one of Jo’s favorites…. I must have told it to her a zillion times…..

Did you know my mommy is an angel?  Before she was an angel, she was a teacher.  One day, she got very sick and had to go to heaven.  This made me very sad.  I would cry a lot because she was gone.  I miss her so much.

When she got to heaven, she saw how sad I was.  She decided to gather up all the baby angels.  She lined them up just like she would in her classroom when it was time to go outside for recess.

Clapping my hands, I would imitate my mother.  Sometimes blowing a recess whistle, I waved the pretend angels to me and in the most teacher voice command, “Time to line up!”

She walked down the row of baby angels looking for the perfect angel to send me.  She had a good eye for finding the perfect little girl.  She saw some that couldn’t sit still.  She passed up the ones who whined a whole bunch.  She didn’t think I could  handle the ones who cried really loud.

I paraded down the imaginary line, pointing at some “angels” and shake my head.  “Too wiggly.” I declared, wiggling as silly as I could.  “Too silly.” I stated putting on the silliest face.  “Won’t stand still and too loud,” came next with corresponding motions.

Walking over to my little toddler, I continued the story……

Then she came to your sweet soul.  She fell in love with your sweet smile and your big brown eyes.

I cupped her sweet angelic face into my hands and said………

“You’re going to be perfect.”  With God’s permission, you were sent to me.

Now I am not sad because my mommy picked you out just for me.  And every night when I say my prayers, I tell Jesus to say thanks to Grandma Carol for my perfect little angel.

I ended the story time with a tender kiss on her tiny nose.

Ahhh, such sweet endearing memories……

God Bless……

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