Finding God at the Closeline

This morning, I awoke refreshed. It must have something to  do with the cool nights we have been having.  Slept like a baby in the cool room with the fresh air breezing in the open windows.  The dew smelled fresh and the sunlight glistened from the dewdrops on the freshly cut blades of grass.  AHHHH, what a beautiful morning.

Stretching and praising God for a new beginning, I made my way into the kitchen, where the daily grind always waits for me.  There’s lunches to be made, breakfast to be cooked, and kids plus hubby to shuttle out the door barking orders to have a good day, play nice and expressions of love being blown through the screen door.

For some strange reason, I grew impatient to do the laundry this morning.  Hurrying the washing machine along,  I had three loads ready and waiting to be hung by 8:00.  As soon as I rounded the house towards the clothesline, I heard such sweet music.  Gentle breezes kissed the leaves of the surrounding trees.  A glimmer of sunshine dances along the grass to the sweet heavenly melody made by the songbirds.

Smiling at the wonders of the morning, I began hanging each piece of clothing.  Overwhelmed by the songbirds melodies, I spontaneously began to hum.  Amazing Grace….how sweet the sound….Realizing what I was humming, I began to bellow out the words and in complete harmony with the sweet cardinals and robins.  That saved a wretch like me……..I once was lost…. but now I am found….. was blind…. but now I see……

There we were in the early morning hours honoring God with a concert…. just me and the birds.  The wind and the sunshine danced as we sang.  Could it be a better beginning?  When the last shirt was hung, I turned and took a bow.  Sparing God my imitation of Elvis Presley’s “Thank Ya… Thank Ya… very much,” I simply said, “Thanks for the beautiful morning, sweet Jesus.”

God Bless….


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