Today's Blessing August 26, 2009

Today was special.  This morning, I decided to put off the laundry and the daily cleaning routine.  I even skipped my morning walk with good reason.  I went to visit a dear friend.  She and I worked together for many years.  We taught across the hall from each other.  I taught English and she, math.  Since math and English are from opposite sides of the brain, I don’t know how we managed to be such close friends.  I know why…. she is absolutely wonderful.

She was there when I was pregnant with my son.  She witnessed the horrible pregnancy I experienced.  She came to relieve Mark and I when we were in the hospital with him.  She came just to rock him and give us 15 minutes to ourselves.  She was there when I came to work crying because my baby girl went to kindergarten.  She was there during the early years of my children’s lives.

She always made comments on how a good mother I was…..I humbly explained that it was all about love.  She has said on numerous occasions that she hoped to be half the mother I am…..and every time I heard it my response was always….you will be better!!  She is such a warm caring soul.  Full of life and spunk, she made life in the workplace bearable.

Well, today, as I said before, I went to visit her.  She has been a mother of twin boys for a month now.  She radiates.  Yeah, her tired eyes mirror the lack of sleep and the tireless hours spent tending to the needs of her sons.  I watched her this morning lulling her son to sleep.  Softly patting him and whispering sweet “I Love Yous,” the tired little bundle fell asleep.  I sat there in total admiration and awe as she gently cuddled her baby boy.  Wow!  The love between those two!!  She obviously enjoys spending cuddle time with each son.  And to think she was afraid that she would love one more than the other.

I don’t envy the late night feedings times two and I am sooo glad my two have long outgrown the diaper years.  But as I watched today, I caught myself wishing I could be half the mother she is today…..

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