The Pretty Pink Dress

Once upon a time, there lived a pretty little princess.  Princess Jo Jo was her name.  She had so many pretty little princess dresses.  She had red ones, blue ones and purple ones.  Princess Jo Jo had so many but she only wore one.  A pretty pink princess dress.  It had tiny pearl buttons down the front.   Embroidered pink roses were sewn across the hem line.

Princess Jo Jo wore this pretty princess dress every day.  She wore it to princess school and to the princess park.  She wore it everywhere.  She loved that pretty pink dress.

And like all little princesses, Princess Jo Jo grew up.  Every day she grew taller and bigger.  And her pretty pink dress grew smaller and smaller.  Until one day that pretty pink dress no longer fit.  This upset Princess Jo Jo.  She didn’t want to wear the red, blue, or purple dresses.  She only wanted the pink dress.  Princess Jo Jo cried and cried.

One day, Queen Mommy took the pretty pink dress.  She plucked the pretty pearl buttens off of the dress.  She cut the hem off of the sweet dress.  Then she began making a new dress for Princess Jo Jo.  She put the buttons and the roses on the new dress.  When Princess Jo Jo saw what Queen Mommy had made, she was so happy.  She hugged Queen Mommy and gave her a kiss.

The story of the pretty pink dress was one of Joellen’s many bedtime stories I created to lull a tired toddler to sleep.  But, this morning I realized that this simple story I created could be used as a devotional.  We, God’s children, are called to out grow our worldly lives.  We at one time loved being a part of the world.  We loved it so much that at times we don’t want to give it up.  Just like Princess Jo Jo.  We like the way the world feels.  We are comfortable just like a favorite pair of jeans or a pretty pink dress.

Yet, we are called to grow up spiritually and adorn ourselves in God’s love for us.  We are to put on a new dress made from the crucifiction of Christ.  We can take parts of our past with us and weave them into our new gown.  These are reminders of how or why we have chosen to follow Christ.

Growing up is hard at times, but there are also wonderous times.  Make an effort to soak up every moment and don’t be sad like Princes Jo Jo when you out grow this world.  Jesus has prepared a new life for you just as Queen Mommy did for Jo Jo.

God Bless….

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