The Tearful College Road Trip

While watching the movie, “College Road Trip,” with my two kids, I started getting choked up at the point of the movie when the character played by Raven is actually leaving the nest for college.  Effectively using flashbacks the director had scenes moving from the “good old days” with little Raven and the current  Raven leaving the teary-eyed parents to enter the dormitory.  I was crying along with the parents.  I kept thinking that this will be me real soon.

Cozy on the couch, my son watched the tears stream down my face.  Moved by my reaction to the movie, he curled up on my lap putting his arms around my neck.  Whispering in my ear, “I won’t go to college, mommy if it is going to make you cry.”

Squeezing him tightly, I whispered back, “No, I want you to go to college.  But I will just have to go with you.”

Isn’t it hard to let our kids grow up??  I have reached a time in my life when I am counting my blessings because they are at the brink of leaving me to an empty nest.  When they were little, I couldn’t imagine the time coming when I am worrying about college.  I was overwhelmed and obessed  about leaving them in the care of a daycare and on to kindergarten.  I hadn’t thought past the elementary years. Yet, here I am thinking about their future and how numbered my days are to have them in my nest under my wings of protection.

Imagine how Mary felt.  I wonder if she laid in bed at night worrying  about Jesus growing up and leaving her nest.  Or did she find rest knowing he was going to change the world?  How in the world did she get through the milestones of his life?  Was she anxious or excited?   I sure wish we had her “how to raise a son and not be overly anxious” book.

I guess I just need to relax, enjoy each day I have with them, and help them find their Godly pathway and purpose in life.  But… sniff….it is…. sniff so hard…..sniff sniff……

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