The Third Week of Advent

So far, the Advent themes we have had for week one and two were planning and preparing.  The third week of Advent will be centered on sharing.  I truly love the third and fourth week of Advent.  Sharing and rejoicing are two of my favorite things about the Christmas season.

Third Sunday Home Ceremony:

The beauty of the home ceremony happens at dinner time.  We will gather around the table for the evening’s lighting of the candles and for a quick discussion about the upcoming week’s activities.

1.   Light the first candle

2.  Light the second candle

3.  Talk about Luke.

4.   Discuss the history of the Book of Luke.

5.  Read Luke 2:8-20

6.  Discuss the meaning of the passage just read.

7.  Light the third candle

8.  Sing a hymn…. may I suggest Away in the Manger

9.  End in prayer

Third Week Activities:

Can we just praise God for sharing Jesus with us?  God did not hold back on His gift for us.  He generously gave us the perfect Christmas gift.  By the time the 3rd week rolls around, Christmas is just around the corner.  We can be preoccupied with all the duties to make the holiday extra special.  So, again, it will be an honest effort to keep sight of the true reason for the Advent season.    Here’s what we will be discussing and learning this week:


Scripture: 1 Kings 17: 8-16

Activity:  The passage is about a starving widow.  Take a moment to reflect on what “starving” people of today will be doing this Christmas.  How will they eat?  Where will they go?  Now, discuss what can we do to make a difference?  We will do one of the following:

1.  Go through our cabinets and donate items to our local food bank.

2.  Make a donation to a local soup kitchen.

3.  Do both.


Scripture:  Luke 2:6, 7

Items:  Manger Animals and a pet’s feeding dish

Discuss:  How the animals shared the stable and their food bowl for Jesus to have a place to sleep and to keep safe.


Matthew 25: 34-40

Activity:  Read the passage before dinner.  Explain that you will be filling a “to go box” for a neighbor.  Fill a take out box with the food from your table.  Leave enough for your family.  Eat.  Then take the food to your neighbor.


Scripture:  John 3:16

Item:  A Bow

Activity:  Explain how Jesus was a gift from God.  God loved us so much He gave us Jesus.  Now, go to your gifts under the tree.  Pray for the friends and family that will receive gifts of our love.


Scripture:  Luke 2:4-7

Activity:  Read the scripture.  Then gather in the living room.  Have a picnic basket already packed with cheese, pita bread, grapes, nuts, apples, very simple foods.  Then share the poem:

On the Way to Bethlehem

by Ben Husted

Mary and Joseph went a long way

Then ended up sleeping on hay.

they must have traveled many a day;

I wonder, how long did they stay?

Tell me, what did they wear on their feet,

And what did they use for a seat?

On the road, tell me, what did they eat?

Was it bread, or was there meat?

No lamb, no turkey, no beef for them

On the long road to Bethlehem.

So tonight we eat just bread with them.

Some nuts, cheese and grapes on a stem.

After the reading of the poem.  Enjoy a picnic in your living room.


Scripture:  Proverbs 11:25

Item:  Play money and the movie, “It’s a Wonderful Life.”

Activity:  In the movie, George Bailey was always talking about having a million dollars.  Yet, George never had the money because he was always generously helping out others.  He put people first.  God and Jesus put us first because they loved us.  Now watch that wonderful movie!

Have fun this week!!

God Bless……

*** resources:  Christmas Out of the Advent Box, by Benjamin R. Husted25 Days, 26 Ways, by Ace Collins ; and The Advent Jesse Tree, by Dean Lambert


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