New Year's Resolutions

From a Google search, one can find many listings of the Top 10 New Year’s Resolutions.  Some vary from one topic to the next but the similarities are astounding.  It is amazing how simple the list can be……

1.  Lose Weight

2.  Become Debt Free

3.  Get Organized

4.  Add Family Time

5.  Quit Smoking

6.  Quit Drinking

7.  Exercise

8.  Learn Something New

9.  Help Others

10.  Enjoy Life More

Simple enough, huh?

My list this year is going to be quite complex.  I have spent a lot of time praying and meditating on the goals God and I need to accomplish this year.

Living my life as God intended…..

Making God my top priority will allow all the other “resolutions” to fall into place.  I will want to eat better, exercise, do more for others, and spend the time needed with my family.  God wants me to live for Him not for food, the TV, or for my selfish ideals.  2009 laid the foundation needed for 2010.  I learned that God’s got my back.  He will carry me, guide me, and love me the whole way through this journey.

One resolution for 2010….. so simple and quite complicated……But with God anything is possible…..

God Bless

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