Inexpensive New Year's

I am all about a party!!  I love to ring in the new year!  I have pretty done it all:  Times Square, dinner party at a fancy hotel, and quiet at-home celebrations.  I have shelled out the dough in the past to experience New Year’s at its fullest.  But what I have discovered, the at-home celebrations have made more of an impact on me and the ringing in the new year than Times Square…. although it was nice, fun to experience and something I will look back on as a fond memory.

This year, Mark’s parents are visiting and we have a quiet celebration planned.  Quiet and very inexpensive……. We will have a game marathon up until it is time to watch the ball drop.  We will play various board games and card games.  We will even get Grandma and Granddad on the Wii….. now that will be something to see!!  We will enjoy not only eating but making  homemade pizza, cheese dip and homemade salsa.

But really makes this celebration is the love within our home.  Getting to bring in the new year with good health, good cheer and remarkable blessings, will leave an impression on everyone’s heart.

May your New Year’s be just as special…… see you next year!!

God Bless…..

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