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10 Best Things

Fair enough…. Yesterday was the 10 worst things.  Today is only seems fair to share the 10 best things for becoming a vegan for Lent…..

10.  My jeans feel loose!

9.  Thinking I just might skip Sunday’s cow eating….

8.  Learning to appreciate CHOCOLATE soy milk.

7.  No ice cream = loose fitting jeans!

6.  Wondering if CHOCOLATE soy milk ice cream would taste good….

5.  Doing the happy dance when I realized that pita bread doesn’t contain milk or egg.

4.  Trying new recipes like vegetarian chili and pinto bean burgers.

3.  Feeling like a kid and saying, “anything taste better with ketchup!”

2.  Loving my family enough to cook two meals every night… with meat and one without….

And the #1 best thing about going Vegan for Lent:

1.  With the amount of bean consumption….I can solve the world’s gas shortage and my son thinks it’s cool that I can “toot” the alphabet!!

10 Worst Things

Anyone who knows me knows I love to eat!!  Take one look at me and you will agree……  My decision to give up meat, milk, eggs and butter for Lent wasnt’ a hasty  decision but everyone keeps asking me, “How’s it goin?”

So here’s the top 10 worst things about going Vegan for Lent:

10.  My jeans feel loose….oh wait that is a good thing….

9.  On Sunday…I ate the equivalent  of a whole cow.

8.  I miss milk…. soy milk doesn’t cut it.

7.   No Ice Cream…. need I say more!!

6.  The thought of soy ice cream….. don’t go there…..

5.  Big fluffy white bread…..

4.  Being creative with beans……

3.  Bean burger patties…..

2.  Watching the rest of the family eat chicken…..

And the #1 worst thing about going Vegan for Lent:

1.  Being able to “toot” the alphabet from all the bean consumption….

Back Off, Bucko!!

This morning, I asked Jesus to join me for a walk.  We were walking around the basketball court and I was doing most of the talking.  Explaining my feelings and that I am really feeling a spiritual workout from all the homework Beth Moore has me doing from the “Breaking Free” study.

I have a tendency to close up whenever I do a study or am reading a “get yourself together” self-help book; and this time I had promised myself that I would get through whatever comes my way…. facing my giants, you might say…..  So last night, Beth Moore challenged me to take a hard truthful look at the strongholds that I have struggling to remove from my life.

So this morning…. what a perfect opportunity to have Christ on my walk…..  because for the first time….EVER….I wanted to stare down what has kept me in captivity….. I was about to get honest….. real honest… scary honest….Mr. T “I pity the fool” honest…..I began explaining the emotions that have been driving the eating….the hurt, the betrayal, the pain, the suffering…..then out of no where I begin to list details of events that I had endured over the years…details:  so and so did this, said this, looked at me like this….. get the picture.  Hello!  Regina!  Christ was there!  Remember???

It was like Christ stopped me grabbing my arm and saying, “If this is going to be a pity party, I’m outta here.”  No, no… I reassured myself… pity party this time…. so I began to talk to Christ about the truth of the matter….I’m being badgered by stuff I need to banish.  Then WHAM!  Details start popping back up in my head.

So then, I literally stopped walking and said:

I’m sorry Jesus….. Satan is up in my head filling me full of details again.   Now Satan….

I turned to the left….

Satan, BACK OFF, BUCKO!!  I am not falling for that again.  No more pushing play on my memory file.  I don’t want to hear those details again!!

Turning back to the right….

Jesus….surround my thoughts.  Keep Satan’s dirty little paws off my memory buttons.  I’m tired.  I’m ready to heal.  I want freedom from all the “wrongs” that I have stored up there in my memory.  I want to stop the cycle and I need help keeping Satan out of my head.

Then I started walking again…..I felt liberated.  On lookers probably thought I had lost my mind…..but, nevertheless,  I feel liberated.

God Bless

First Full Week of Lent

We have already started our first full week of Lent.  Things seem to be looking perkier for me…..I have lost a little weight….. I don’t feel so sluggish….. I am actually not obsessing over the “can’t have” list….. and well…. to be honest…. I feel closer to God.  I have had to lean on him extra hard these past few days…..I am so glad He is stronger than me!!!

So here’s a full week’s worth of devotionals….. like the other’s before…. they are based on the booklet “Watch and Wait” by: Julia DiSalvo.

Tuesday, Feb. 23, 2010

As the rain and the snow come down from heaven, and do not return there until they have watered the earth….. Isaiah 55:10

Spring is just around the corner…. “Butter Cups”  are beginning to poke their little green heads up from the winter laden soil….. especially in our neck of the woods…..  But when the warmer weather and spring rains come, miracles begin to happen…..plants come to life!!

Jesus promises to come again.  There will be peace and joy….any problems, or pain, or sadness will vanish.  So be strong in your hope, and watch how God makes the green grass appear.  This is His love note to us….. enjoy it!!

Wednesday, Feb. 24, 2010

When the news reached the king of Nineveh, he rose from his throne, removed his robe, covered himself with sackcloth, and sat in ashes.  Jonah 3:6

The king had heard Jonah’s warning and he believe it.  To save his people, he had to repent from his sin, and the people were watching him do so….. Once he repented, everyone followed his example and the nation was saved.

We have a king, too.  Jesus set the perfect example for us to follow for love and service while he was on the earth.  He humbled himself and died for us…. now he calls us to repent and to follow him.

How can you be like Jesus?

Thursday, Feb. 25, 2010

If you then, who are evil, know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will your Father in heaven give good things to those who ask him!  Matthew 7:11

We wait for Easter in the hope that on that day we can have fun…. celebrating, spending time with family and friends, eating a meal together…. Easter egg hunting….. you know… fun!!  Those things are God’s gifts to us…….  What if Easter never came…. the fun would be pointless!!  Thank God it WILL come!!

Jesus promises that one day, we will be in the presence of God and enter heaven.  We don’t know when or how this will happen, but we will have eternal life!!

Friday, Feb. 26, 2010

When you are offering your gift at the altar, if you remember that your brother or sister has something against you, leave your gift there before the altar and go; first be reconciled…. Matthew 5:23-24

Arguments hurt…. we get angry and we want to hold a grudge!  We would rather blame someone else than to admit we have done something wrong and to find a solution towards forgiveness.  But to stay angry only means it hurts more.  The longer we wait to forgive the weaker the relationship becomes….

Jesus says to make up.  This may mean saying, “I’m sorry” or to admit you didn’t get your way.  But you will feel better in the end.

Saturday, Feb. 27, 2010

Today  you have obtained the Lord’s agreement: to be your God; and for you to walk in his ways…. Deuteronomy 26:17

Babies learn by watching…. they watch others do things like walking…. once they get brave enough, they walk.  Today, consider yourself to be a Baby for God.  As you watch how others walk in Jesus’ and God’s ways, pay attention.  When the opportunity to serve happens make a slow step to do it.  As your Lenten sacrifices get harder, stand up in hope, and wait for God.  Someday you will look back and see how far you have walked with God.

Sunday, Feb. 28, 2010

Now I know that you fear God, since you have not withheld your son, your only son, from me.  Genesis 22:12

Abraham had only one son, Issac.  Issac was a gift from God because Abraham was very….very…. very old when he was born.  But then God asked Abraham to give up Issac….and Abraham was going to.  He trusted God and believed God would care for him.

God allowed Issac to live.  We are allowed to live because Jesus died for us…..

Touched by an Angel

My heart burst yesterday…..with joy and with so much love.

My darling daughter turned 13.  It seems like just yesterday that this little pink peanut was carefully placed into my arms.  I remember so clearly whispering, “I am so glad to meet you.  I wanted to be the first to say, ‘I love you.'”  At that moment, I became what I had lost just the year before….. a mother.

Many times, I have looked over at her and have been amazed at how she has grown…. anyone out there feel like you look at your child and realize they had grown a few inches since the night before?? She is no longer the little tot that doted along behind me singing her ABC’s carrying her baby doll.  She has grown into the most beautiful young lady with such a richly old soul.  Her smile is so infectious. Her remarkable strength carries her head high.  And her love is so sincere and truly heart-felt.   AND don’t get me started on her beauty!!!  It just radiates from her…… definitely a jewel in God’s eye.

Yesterday, we celebrated her milestone with an intimate tea.  “We” are the women in her life…. family members, mothers of best friends, co-workers (Humane Society Staff –where she volunteers), and church leaders.  There were 15 women surrounding her with their love and welcoming her into “teen-hood.”  Surprisingly I discovered something so admirable about my 13yo.   She hasn’t only touched my life but those who were there.  In her own special, “you”-nique, way she has left an undeniable, loving, impression upon these women….humbling for me as a mother to hear…..

At one point during the tea, I pointed out that she comes from a long line of very strong, faithful women.  I had purposefully decorated two tables with mementos of her heritage.  As I called each “grandmother’s” or “aunt’s” name, I imagined each soul gathering together to look down from the clouds of heaven to partake in the celebration tea.  Each woman,graced in appearance, to shower her with their love from heaven above….just as guardian angels do…..

My darling daughter…..she is so precious to be…… she can only be a gift from God, Himself… be this special in so many eyes……

Happy Birthday, Sweetheart.  I love you!!

God Bless……