10 Best Things

Fair enough…. Yesterday was the 10 worst things.  Today is only seems fair to share the 10 best things for becoming a vegan for Lent…..

10.  My jeans feel loose!

9.  Thinking I just might skip Sunday’s cow eating….

8.  Learning to appreciate CHOCOLATE soy milk.

7.  No ice cream = loose fitting jeans!

6.  Wondering if CHOCOLATE soy milk ice cream would taste good….

5.  Doing the happy dance when I realized that pita bread doesn’t contain milk or egg.

4.  Trying new recipes like vegetarian chili and pinto bean burgers.

3.  Feeling like a kid and saying, “anything taste better with ketchup!”

2.  Loving my family enough to cook two meals every night…..one with meat and one without….

And the #1 best thing about going Vegan for Lent:

1.  With the amount of bean consumption….I can solve the world’s gas shortage and my son thinks it’s cool that I can “toot” the alphabet!!


One thought on “10 Best Things

  1. Love it! You have superhero strength – now we just have to think of your superhero name – cause “toots” is just too funny! heheheheheh


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