U R Challenged!!

Spring is obviously here with the 3 inches of pollen on my van.  Spring= Spring Cleaning!!  [or at least that’s what Grandma always taught.]   Grandma would wash windows, curtains, and move her furniture around [just to clean out from under it].  She would scrub the walls, inside and out, beat her rugs, and got on her hands and knees to wash the floor.  It was a time to really air out the house..the windows were open and the warm sunshine made everything sparkle.

Grandma was a gardener.  [Sadly, I didn’t get the green gene…can’t even keep silk plants alive.]  So, the week after Easter, she was busy doing two things:  planting and cleaning out the freezer to make room for the current summer’s crop.  She would give away to family and friends the extra veggies she had frozen.  She even refused to go to the grocery store until everything was eaten out of the freezer.

So here’s your challenge….

1.  Take a “before” picture of your freezer(s).

freezer 001
My Deep Freeze
freezer 002
Kitchen Freezer

2.  Make sure you have enough milk, eggs, butter, and bread..purchase if you need to..unless of course you have some in your freezer.

3.  Do not purchase food except for the basics (eggs, milk, butter, bread) until your freezer is empty.

4.  Record how long it has taken you to eat what you already have stored up and how much money you saved while doing this challenge.

5.  Take an “after” picture of your freezer.

And the best part:

6.  Email me at regina@reginadettra.com with your challenge results and pictures.  Your email will be put in a drawing for a cookbook to be given away on April 28th.

Good Luck!!  Happy Eating!!

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