How's the Challenge?

I have seen a little head way happening in my freezer.  We have enjoyed yummy steaks, turkey, and lots of frozen green beans.  [I’m still pulling out the green beans… I feel like Jesus is playing a trick on me… giving he did the same with the fish and bread.. apparently, my supply has no end… call me if you need any green beans.] I found the top shelf yesterday and I am thrilled.

I received an email from a fan of this challenge.. oh, I am sorry.. where are my manners??  I posed a challenge last week to clean out the freezer… click here for the challenge.. It was a thrill to see someone really taking the challenge to heart.  I want to share because she is so inspiring…

From what I gathered, she cleaned her freezer and pantry.  She categorized what she had in stock and built a menu plan around the food.  Smart Cookie!!  Whoop Whoop Brownie Points!! She is a working mom so she put everything back in the freezer grouped as a meal.  So all she has to do is pull out the pile and prepare..Clever!!  And then she took the time out to send me a power point of her freezer project.

image image

image image

Doesn’t this make you want to just run to your freezer and get it organized!!  Kudos, Sista!!!!!!

Remember the challenge ends on April 28th and I will be giving a cookbook to a lucky someone who enters!!


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