I Care

I love the message in Psalms 33:5b, “the earth is full of his unfailing love.”  If you look all around, you  can see God’s love.  It is the blue sky, the sunset, the early morning crow of a rooster, the sighting of a hummingbird, a rainbow, the refreshing rains, the clouds, the grass, the pumpkins growing in my compost pile (God’s having to grow it…I’m clueless and have given up after trying to garden for 8 years), the squirrels fighting over an acorn, my cat trying to catch the squirrels… do you get the picture or must I continue?  God’s love is all around us and for that I am grateful.

My quest for balance has brought me to the book of Proverbs.  While reading chapter 12, I ran across a verse that floored me especially after reading Eating Animals.

A righteous man cares of the needs of his animal.. Proverbs 12:10a

I sat there for a few moments and I knew that a change was on the horizon.  I thought about how so many animals are chemically altered, mass reproduced, grossly slaughtered and confined in farm factories just so I can have a freezer full of meats.  What I read disturbed me and no where did I find the caring for the animals’ needs.  So if purchasing such “cheap meats” is supporting these “techniques,”  I can not consciously and knowingly buy the said meats.  Does this mean I am vegan?  You bet.. until I find local farms with righteous farmers who cares for the needs of their animals.  I hate to think I am promoting cruelty to animals just because it tastes good.

You might want to say a prayer or two for my family.. this is going to be a BIG change in our household until my research is complete and I have a list of local farmers worthy of my purchases…

God bless….


Just want to share with you guys the progress made towards my balanced life…

1.  Quiet Time:  reading a chapter of Proverbs twice a day,  sitting completely still and trying to keep my mind quiet for 15 minutes at least once a day, praying before and after reading Proverbs, and making it a point to pray for those I say I will pray for them.

2.  Ridding the Sluggard:  Walking in the morning, enlisting kids to be my own personal trainers, and praying that I continue to “want to” exercise.   Making it a goal to finish one project a week… this week’s goal is complete, I finished the drawing I promised a friend.

3.  Balanced Eating:  Well, today’s post covered this topic.  I am compiling a list of local organic farms in my area.  I purchased fresh cucumbers and squash from a fresh produce stand down the road.  I only spent $65 for a week’s worth of vegan foods for this week’s groceries.

Next week I am going to tackle a balanced work week…


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