Rate the Rest Areas

Well, okay, now aren’t you surprised???   While on the road, I had a  bright idea!  Mark is always teasing me about my small bladder and has urged me to write a book of America’s Cleanest Restrooms.  HaHa!  I pulled over to a rest area in Tenn. and thought, “Hey, why don’t I rate the rest areas along the way to NC!”

Here’s the rating system:


Poor                                                                            Great

Now, to set the record straight, I am not crazy; just tired from all the driving!  Okay, so I pull over, had this great idea and whip out the old camera.  How many women do you see snapping photos of rest area signs in the middle of the night???  Ahem??? Okay, after typing this out.. it does sound a little nuts!!  Oh well, I’m just having fun!!

So the first rest area I pulled into on I-40 just outside of Jackson, Tn has to be given a solid 5.

rest areas 001 rest areas 003

I had to try three different soap dispensers to find soap.  The floor could use a good sweeping and quite frankly, the restroom itself was a little on the cold side.  We gals don’t like freezing our tushies off!!  Well, I guess the next rest area will have to score just a little higher…

Oh by the way, I have always liked the rest areas along I-40 in Tn… Arkansas???  Not so much!!  I hate to admit it but Arkansas has a thing or two to learn from the Tn rest areas!!!

So, 52 miles later, I make my way to the second rest area… Again, strange looks were happening as I whipped out my camera.  What??  Haven’t you seen a lady with a camera before????

This rest area I sadly must rate it a mere 1.  I know, I was disappointed, too!!

rest areas 004 rest areas 005

The potties were a weeeee weeee bit dirty..yes, pun intended!  The counter was wet and well.. I really didn’t enjoy having the sink sprinkle me all over!!  And HOT!!  Can I just say… yucky hot!!!

Okay Tn, you are letting me down!!  Perhaps tomorrow you can redeem yourself!!

Well, if you haven’t guessed, I have decided to continue to blog!  Especially after my sweet hubby reminded me that he had me ready to rock-n-roll with live blog feed.  I will be able to keep you posted with up to date posts!!  I am so excited!  Technology just blows me away sometimes!!

God Bless….

1 thought on “Rate the Rest Areas

  1. Okay I have to put my momma hat on for a minute…
    Even though I love this blog I am worried – are you by yourself stopping at these rest areas at night??? Don’t make me have to get a fly swatter after you little missy!

    Why does it feel like I haven’t seen or spoken to you in over a month??? 😉


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