Perfect 10

I travel across TN quite often and there is one rest area I always make a point to visit.  After the horrible conditions of the previous rest areas, I was a little worried that my favorite one would have declined!  NOT!!  It is the perfect 10!!

Take exit number 268 and this is what you will find…

rest areas 011

This is the log cabin side of the building.  Ain’t it cute???  Here’s what it looks like on the inside…

rest areas 007That’s me in the rocking chair, enjoying a nice travel brochure.  And if you look real close you’ll see that I’m am wearing my 23 year old “Jesus” shoes.  If you stop during the winter months there is a fire to keep you warm.

If you need to stretch your legs, take a walk to the sundial.

rest areas 009 rest areas 010 rest areas 012

The grounds are kept beautifully and the restrooms are CLEAN!!  I really enjoy stopping at this particular rest area every time we are in TN!!  So remember to stop by…it’s at exit 268!!


Today I go to the She Speaks Conference.  I will be blogging live, tweeting and posting on Facebook all weekend.  Be sure to drop by and see what I am up to or who I am rubbing elbows with…

As Always, God Bless…

1 thought on “Perfect 10

  1. That looks cozy. My favorite through there is the rest stop in Bristol. I’ve stopped there countless times. What city is this one near?


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