Packing Lunches

This morning, as I packed my family’s lunch boxes, I couldn’t help wonder what they are doing while they are eating……Is my 13yo surrounded by good friends and chatting away about the past weekend’s events?  How about Mark?  Is he working while he eats or is he enjoying a movie on  And my 9yr old, is he trading his PB sandwich for someone’s ham and cheese?  ((sigh))  I miss having lunch with the kids……..

As I zipped up the lunch boxes, my son came over to grab his and stuff  it in his back pack.  “Remember, Mom, lunch is at 12:20.  Don’t be late!” he stated as a  matter of fact.  Smiling, I remembered I promised to have lunch with him every Monday (my day off).  “I wouldn’t miss it for the world.” I replied.

Oh how I miss those days with my daughter.  Now she would absolutely die if I joined her for lunch.  UGH!  Why can’t they just stay little????  My boy will be in Middle school in two years and I bet the same will happen……  But for now, I am happy to have Mondays……and  who knows I just might pop over to the Middle School and check my teen out for lunch… the park of course.

Well, noon is drawing near and I gotta get ready….I have a lunch date, ya know!!

God Bless……

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