Perhaps, my super mom costume needs to be recharged…..  Perhaps, I need my head examined…… Perhaps, my eyes are bigger than the hours of the day…..  Whatever the case may be, I must confess….. I’m pooped!

I have taken a part time job and I didn’t realize how giving up 5 hours a day would make such an impact.  My goal to have a balanced life has had to undergo some major reconstruction.  My happy daily schedule has been thrown into the air and slowly has crashed down one goal at a time.  My goal for walking in the morning has suffered.  Reading the Bible twice a day has dropped to once.  Meditating has become a nap time.  Keeping the house in order and clutter free…..ahem…..has fallen to the back burner.  Home cooked meals have been rushed and resorting to microwave soy burgers and French fries.  UGH!!!!  Everything I have worked so hard to do right is now a distant memory.  Writing….well…..I haven’t been putting a lot of time into it…….more like no time has been put forth.

I’ve only had my job for two weeks now and I thoroughly enjoy what I am doing…….I just don’t know how to do it all!  I can barely keep my eyes open in the evenings to read my Bible.  The fact of the matter is I need to keep the job and figure out a schedule that will help me keep a good balance.  Right now, I feel like I don’t see Mark and the kids.  I just hate feeling that way.

Does anyone have any suggestions???  How do it all and do it well???

1 thought on “Confession

  1. You start by giving yourself a break. Then you eat the elephant one bite at a time. Get the kids involved. Do 10 minute clutter pick UPS. Set the timer and just have everyone pitch in to pickup (and put away) everything they can in 10 minutes. Then you replace high wattage bulbs for lower lighting or if its been a really tough week; candles. If you can’t see the dust then its not really there.

    Make extra food on the weekend, brown the beef, debone the chicken, chop the veggies…much easier to cook if prep time is at a minimum. Also dig out the crockpot.

    Laundry started before you leave in the morning. Put in dryer when you get home. Another load started. Should be able to get two loads a day.

    Then some days, you just got to say, forget it. Hug and cuddle with your kids. Make sandwiches and have a picnic in the backyard.

    Hugs, best wishes, and carry on the mom power!


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