Better Breakfast Month

Remember the days when school started in September?  September has a lot to offer in family fun.  Not only do you have Labor Day, but there is Grandparents Day and National Good Neighbor Day.  Of course to all you educator’s out there, who can forget Johnny Appleseed’s birthday is in September.  This month is also the “Better Breakfast Month.”

For many families, breakfast is usually grabbing something as you run out the door like a Pop-Tart or toast or slurping down a bowl of cereal.  Sadly, even, some families just skip breakfast all together.  Why not use this month to get into the routine of serving healthy breakfasts this school year?  In fact, my 13yo just the other day asked why I didn’t purchase Pop-Tarts anymore.  My simple reply was…… they aren’t real food.  And while standing there in the cereal isle, I handed her a box and asked if she recognized any of the ingredients.  Her reply, “No.”  ((ahem)) not real food……..

I have taken my grandmother’s pancake recipe and have given it a make over.  I use unbleached, un-enriched, white wheat flour, vanilla soy milk, and farm fresh eggs  in my batter.  They are just as delicious.  I have added more real fruit smoothies made with soy milk to our menu.  The kids love it and well….. to be honest….. I feel better serving it.  The farm fresh eggs are untainted and the chickens are treated well.  ((Whew!!))  what a relief.  I have even pulled the eggs right out from under the chickens myself on occasion.  Talk about fresh!!

Be sure to plan a week’s worth of healthy breakfasts in advance.  It is so much easier to make a nutritious breakfast if you know what you are making and all the ingredients are there ahead of time.  Also, ask your family members for their input for great ideas.  Add more fresh fruits to the menu.  It is amazing what a fresh apple can do to spruce up a breakfast plate.  Besides, an apple a day is supposed to keep the doctor away…… or at least that’s what I have been told.

Enjoy the Better Breakfast Month!!  God Bless……

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