Monthly Archives: August 2010

Toils and Snares

It wasn’t too long ago I found myself in a difficult position battling depression and a really bad case of burn out.  Failure and defeat seemed like the only friends I had during that low point in my life.  Professionally I was at a loss. Plus I was emotionally spent.  There were times that I thought that life could just go on without me…. I can not put in words the emotions of great despair I felt.

Yesterday, while at work, I was described as a “ray of sunshine.”  At first I was caught by surprise.  When I was left alone to clean out the animal cages, emotions swelled and tears streamed down my face.  God has carried me so far.  He has put the sunshine into my soul.  He has taken this broken, defeated, soul and turned me into a vessel full of His perfect love, joy and peace.  I kept uttering, “If they only knew…..”

Words seem so futile to explain how I felt.  Humbled.  Elated.  Thankful. Grateful. Blessed. Those are such tiny adjectives trying to paint the picture I felt yesterday.  Life had thrown so many toils and snares that entangled my spirit.  God pulled me out and here’s the good news…… He can do the same for you.

God Bless…..

I Promised Myself

I made myself promise that this year I wouldn’t cry when the kids left for school.  You would think I would be used to the idea that the house is going to be quiet.  The dogs are going to walk around wondering where the action is……  You would even think that after a couple of months with the kids under my feet begging to do something cuz they’re bored…..I would actually enjoy the peace and quiet……

((sigh))  Each and every year, when I get home from the crazy parents-dropping-off-their-kids-at-school hour, I sit down and cry.  This year, I thought to myself, that I am a big girl now and there is no reason to cry…..ahem…..well…. the pile of tissues on the floor tell a different story.

I hate to admit it but I am just a big old cry baby.  I miss them terribly.  They have been gone now for 2 hours and I am wondering what they are doing.  Are they okay?  Did their butterflies settle down?  I hope I packed a good enough lunch.  Will they find the nearest bathroom alright?  There better not be a soul pick on my babies…… With every thought a tear is shed…. this year was no different.

This year will be different…..I won’t be able to be at the school at a drop of a hat.  I’ve gone back to work….part time…. doing something I love…..working with rescued animals…. but as I sit here thinking about my kids day, I have to get ready for my day…..AND that saddens me……I keep wondering….what if they need me?  What if I can’t get away from work?  What if something happens and I can’t be there?  What if????  What if???? What if????

Now the tears are really streaming down my face.  ((sniff sniff))

Note to self….Okay Regina, wipe the snot off your face and get on your knees.  Pray right now that God settles the worries and remember His promise to be by your side and YOUR KIDS sides.  You ask God to bless their first day and stop this pity party right now!!!

I don’t want to be late for work so I guess I better start praying…. enjoy your day!!

God Bless…….

Veggie Chicken?

My kiddos are having withdrawals from chicken nuggets.  I must admit the ease of popping a bag of nuggets in the oven and a glob of instant tators comes in handy on a busy hectic day.  Since converting to a vegetarian lifestyle, chicken nuggets and their ease has become a thing of the past.  Sadly, though, my kids keep begging for nuggets…….

AHA!  At Last!  I found a solution!!  I found these jewels…..

They are veggie chik’n nuggets.  They are easy to cook.  Look and smell like real chicken nuggets.  They are not greasy.  And best of all……and I quote my 13yo, “These are better than the regular nuggets!”

That made me smile!!!  They are a little more expensive than regular nuggets, but I can safely say, “No animals suffered.”

Enjoy your day!!!  God Bless…..

Oh, by the way….. just have to SHOUT FROM THE TOP OF THE HOUSE……

I BOUGHT A PAIR OF JEANS TWO SIZES SMALLER!!!!!  I danced all the way to the check out.  It is the only pair I can wear without a belt!!  YEAH!!  The veggie diet is working!!!!

Name Calling

Today’s post is going to be a little different than usual.  I am going to ask you to do something……  I promise it won’t take long……P.R.O.M.I.S.E!!!!  If you are at work, it won’t take but just a moment of your time.  If you are at home with the kids, give them a healthy snack and by the time they are done so will you……

Take a moment right now and jot down all the titles you have (the many hats you wear)…..

For Example:







Easy as pie….. right!  And don’t forget those hard ones…… On my list I put down “loser” and “Fatso.”  I know they are harsh….hurtful….painful….but nevertheless, I sometimes use those words to talk about myself.  And don’t forget your occupational titles as well…..

Okay, now get started…. on your mark…. get set…..List those Titles, Baby!!  I’ll wait…….

……Done? Great!!  It is amazing how many titles you have, isn’t it.  No wonder we are so tired All. The. Time!! Take just a moment and read over your list…..I’ll wait…..

…..Okay, now read this prayer…..

Father, My Creator, My Love, My Friend,  I have a list of the many names I go by.  Father, each one of these names defines who I am here on this Earth.  Open my eyes and heart to see the names that you call me.  Those names that define me to you.   In your name….Amen

Okay, now, the fun part…..make another list and write down a godly name next to your earthly name..Ask yourself, how does God see you???

For Example:

Mother         Christian Role-Model

Wife                Bride of Christ

Loser            Heiress

Fatso             God’s Work in Progress

Now, remember, God possesses Perfect Love.  And with Perfect Love, there are no insults.  You may consider yourself a fatso but God doesn’t see you that way….EVER!!  After you finish God’s list, prayerfully read over them…. Can’t you feel His love????

God Bless……

Book Cover

There is the old saying, “Don’t judge a book by its cover.”  Now, think how many times you have looked at a stack of books in the library or book store and picked out a book to read based solely by the looks of the cover.  I do…..a lot… actually…..  think about it….if there is a vampire on the front I won’t read it….. not that I have anything against such stories but they are not my genre of choice.

There is a gentleman who visits the Humane Society where I have volunteered for three years.  He rides in on his loud booming Harley.  He’s dressed in biker garb……black leather, red bandanna, skull rings  on every finger……  And he isn’t of the average size…..BIG guy!!  He strolls in every week and by the looks of him you would assume he would go straight to the dog kennels.  BIG dog for a BIG guy…. right???  Nope, he goes straight for the cats……ahem…..kittens are his favorite.  Here is this BIG tough looking Harley riding dude cuddling with a tiny kitten….. and one of the nicest gentlemen you will ever meet.

We make quick judgments by the way things appear.  It is a natural response that can lead us into making wrong judgments against people.  Not every kid dressed in black is bad…….  not every clean cut good looking dude can be trusted…….  you get my point…….