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Turning 1

Happy Birthday to

Happy Birthday to

Happy Birthday we hope there’s years to come…..

Happy Birthday to

Today, turns one!  It has been an exciting year!!  Since September 29, 2009, 2259 people visited my website.  That is 60 different countries and 48 states.  North Dakota and Vermont are the two remaining states that have not experienced  ((Get with the program peeps!! You are really missing out!!))

I never imagined that people from around the world would enjoy my little slice of the world’s pie.  I am forever blessed knowing that my stories, my experiences, and my ministry has been seen by so many.  I know it is just a drop in the world’s bucket but hey…..I hope God has inspired each of you to live and think a little differently….. I know I have.

May God continue to bless my website and to use my words to make this world a brighter place.  And to all my readers…..I humbly say, “Thank You. You have enriched this experience more that words can express.  May God continue to bless you.”

Happy Birthday!  God bless……


Yesterday was beautiful.  The weather was perfect at 73 degrees and a slight football chill in the air.  The sun behind the gray clouds but that didn’t seem to damper the day one bit.  A happy day can only describe yesterday.

Everyone I met yesterday seemed to smile.  The Hogs lost to Alabama the night before so the anticipated mood should have reflected the defeat.  All I saw yesterday was smiles and happy faces.  Very unusual to say the least………

Was it the sermon we heard?  The praise music?  The cooler temperature??  I don’t know what triggered the happy button in our small community.  But it was a refreshing sight to see.

I just knew the happy day would end when the sun went down.  I prayed last night for another happy day.  I prayed that the condition of our home, the piles of laundry, the amount of preparation needing to get done for this weekend’s retreat, and  never ending need to weed the flower bed would’t stand in the way of another good day.  I pretty much asked God to cover my eyes with rose covered glasses.

When the alarm went off this morning and Fred snuggled down for his morning nap (Fred’s my cocker spaniel), I couldn’t help from feeling so blessed.  I knew that as soon as I got up the reality of all the mess, piles, and work would set in….but for that moment….that one quiet moment…..I could feel God’s arms around me.  I knew that the day was going to be a repeat of yesterday………

Enjoy your Monday….God Bless…..


I tell you what…… Satan likes to take every opportunity he can to trip me up!  He has been everywhere this week for me……and to tell you the truth I am getting a little tired of him!

The week began with a hard blow that has since been covered with God’s grace and is working out for the best.  But I am suffering from carpet burn on my nose as many times I have had my face down at the feet of Christ.  But satan has been a tricky little devil all week.  He knows I am planning a retreat for the ladies of my church.  He has done all he can to discourage me and to pull me down.

Let’s see…..first the big blow, my friend’s mother had a stroke, feelings of inadequacy creeps into my thoughts, weariness, the phone at work will NOT stop ringing, our internet went out, my house threw up on itself, every night there has been an activity, time ticks away, walgreen’s never has my medications ready, huge spiders keep crawling out from the wood work at the office, been cursed out practically every 30 minutes from an angry customer and well…..I have two fever blisters and have had a headache for two days.

I know I know I know they seem so trivial especially now that I just listed them.  But each time I have a negative thought, I have stopped myself and said, “Back Off, BUCKO!!”  Then on Wednesday night, my dear friend, Pam, made a very profound statement…..

“When I get up in the morning, I want Satan to grumble and say in such defeat, ‘oh, man SHE’S up!'”

I got so tickled so that is exactly what I have done for the past two days…..get up and just tell Satan, “You better just watch out.  I’m awake and aware.  So just BACK OFF, BUCKO!”  Then I do the “watching you” hand signal around the room.  For a change, I want to ruin his day and well….be out to get him before he gets me!

I will be posting every time I yell, “Back Off, Bucko!”  on Facebook and Twitter today…..I am interested in knowing how many times I can catch him in the act and send him a packing??  Why not follow along with me!!  If you Tweet or FB, see how many times you say, “Back off Bucko!”

Enjoy your Friday and weekend!!  God Bless…..

Need to Breathe

To say the least….This week has been one stressful week!!  And I feel like my head is spinning and the hamster wheel of life is in control.  I can tell I am stressed….my dreams are weird…..I saw this woman walking towards me yesterday and realized it was me meeting myself coming and going…..I have had a headache for two solid days…..and last night I cried out, “I just need to breathe!”  I believe the panic attack had finally set in……

Here’s the kicker though……it is all self induced.  Yep…. 100%!

For those in my life who are in the know, they are reading this and thinking, “Regina, you have every right to be stressed.”  And most of them are in the boat with me trying to help me solve the stress…..

Then my dear friend called me last night.  She had a helpful suggestion…. it was a good one too!  Then all of a sudden I opened my mouth and to be honest,  I don’t know where the profound statements came from……I had all the perfect answers and suddenly, the stress melted away and the fresh perspective of this GIANT stress provoking problem came into focus.  Peace swept over me as I heard myself talk.  AHA!  God had taken over!  God’s light spotlighted what He wanted me to hear myself say…..He is in total control.  And you know what…..everything is going to be okay.  He loves me and well……He will make everything right!

So why did I feel like I needed to drag out the old hamster wheel and run myself ragged trying to get to the end of this problem?  God, of course, allowed me to panic and to find Him.  I was down to my last hope (or so I thought) and then I cried out to Him…’s the thing though I laid it all down at his feet two days ago and it has taken me two days to release it totally to Him.  Better late than never….huh??? Once I heard myself say a profound solution…..I knew God wanted to take over.  I let him and last night….. well, I slept like a baby and today…..well, I am energized and know exactly what I need to do……ahem… begins with a simple prayer of:  “God, thank you and you are the bomb!”

And to my friends who are in the know…..In my dream last night….God prevailed and well…..we can rejoice now!!

Hope you enjoy your day as much as I am going to!  God Bless……

Ding Ding….

I have had a hard time sleeping tonight.  I guess it isn’t night anymore…. it is actually 1 in the morning.  My mind has been racing all night.  I haven’t been able to pin down my anxiety.  God had pressed upon my heart a state…..I kinda freaked out.  I had this particular state popping in my mind a while back but I thought everything had settled down and passed.

Confused as to why God kept popping this particular state into my mind.  I prayed like a mad woman trying to figure out what His message was for me.  A new job?  A speaking engagement??  A ministry??  Struggling to find insight….I got out of bed and began to surf.  The longer I surfed the discernment faded.  I had no idea what was going on with this state.  Hyped up with anxiety, I began to catch up on my She Speaks buddies.  I haven’t looked at their blogs since I went back to work.  I feel so ashamed….sorry girls…..I’ve been a little busy and I hate to admit it……

So wouldn’t you know it…..I found my answer… dear friend’s mother had a stroke…. can you take a gander as to where she lives????  You betcha….. the worrisome state.  As soon as I sent a prayer to my friend, the anxiety faded.  Whew….at least I didn’t have to pack this house up and ship it across the country!!  See how my mind creates such anxiety….bet you don’t do that……

Well, I guess I better get some sleep….I just might be worthless by the time the sun comes up…..