Odds and Ends

I’m up and waiting… waiting for the cookie icing to dry.  Yep, folks, I baked 30 something cookies for Mark’s potluck tomorrow.  If you haven’t already guessed I am getting a jump on Friday.  It is like 11pm on Thursday night.. so excuse the typos and the misspellings… it’s late and well…I should be in bed.

This evening, I made my infamous ghost cookies.  Okay, right now, the ladies I used to teach along side are like freaking out.  They LOVE my ghost cookies!!  I am sure my phone will be ringing sometime tomorrow and “UH Where’s my ghost cookies?” will be booming from the other end. So anyways, I made these cookies from scratch.  I rolled the dough, cut it into ghost shapes, and decorated them with cookie icing and mini-chocolate chips.  As I made them, my thoughts wandered to a time when my baby girl was.. sniff, sniff. a baby toddler girl.  I made these cookies for her Halloween party every year.  I would be up to 1 or 2am making them.  In fact one year I made 80 cookies.  I was crying by the time it was all over.  Ms. Linnie, one of the preschool teachers, would turn the calendar to October and start the reminders for me… “Regina, the party is on October such-n-such.  I’ll put you down for ghost cookies.”  When my son finally graduated from preschool, Ms. Linnie cried.  Not that my wonderful two children were leaving her nest, but because there would be no more ghost cookies.  ((Sigh)) I must admit they are pretty good.. if I do say so myself.  Now watch they will taste horrible since I’m bragging!!

Oh, I borrowed the most intriguing book from the library.  The title caught my eye and I could have sworn I heard the book squeak, “Read Me.”  The title is The Outsider Interviews:  A New Generation Speaks Out on Christianity. I am in chapter 3 right now and well, it is quite interesting.  It is based on four separate panel interviews.  The panelist consisted of two believers and two non-believers.  Their interview questions asked for their insight on Christianity.  So far, their statements left me wondering if my behaviors may cause others to feel like an outsider.  Questions like, “Do I show love? Judge? Point fingers?” raced through my mind.  We, believers, are portrayed as if “saving” lives is a game…earning points for each person we help save.

I have to hang my head.  It bothers me to think that non-believers will walk away thinking this is just a ego game.  I hope that people who I may pass in Wal-Mart, Dollar General, and at the Shelter, judge me by my Christ-follower attitude and actions.  I started thinking about how during last month’s communion service, I found myself saying, “Wow, there is so many new people.”  Now, that is good but did I introduce myself to a single one of them…ahem…not yet.

Well, folks, I must go to bed.  I’m tired and well.. have a big day tomorrow… I mean today!

Enjoy your weekend.. Have a safe Halloween.. God Bless..

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