Christmas Time is Here!

Oh Boy! Oh Boy!! Oh Boy!!  Christmas time is here!!  Christmas music playing and filling the air!  Christmas cheer spreading across everyone’s faces!  I love it when I see red and green every where!!  Christmas makes me feel good allllll over!!!

Over the Thanksgiving weekend, my family and I created our Advent wreath!  It really turned out beautiful!  The beeswax Advent candle kit arrived and was easy to make.  The kids really got into it.  Mark even enjoyed making a candle!!  This may be an annual thing at the Dettra house!

100_1518 100_1520 100_1524

Beeswax has been the source of candle making since the Egyptians.  They burn without any black smoke or soot.  They are natural and odorless.  Did you know that the early church only allowed beeswax candles burned in the building? The wax had to be 100% virgin beeswax (no additives).  One reason is because it represented Christ being born of a virgin and the other reason, the soot from other candles covered the paintings and other church artifacts.  Neat little tidbit of information, huh?

Before we began our Advent wreath making, I collected pieces of holly.  We have two holly trees on our property.  One is just outside my bedroom window.  Holly is a natural habitat for birds.  The thorny leaves add protection and they love to eat the berries.  Needless to say, I love to be in my room with the window open so I can hear the birds.  Ahhhhh such a heavenly sound!!  Holly is the traditional wreath materials.  It has the symbols of thorns, evergreen, and red..ring any bells???  Also, holly is a symbol of truth!  100_1533

Do you feel like you are in history class??

I also collected cedar clippings.  I love the smell and of course cedar is an evergreen.  Evergreens are used to symbolize the eternal life  Christ gives us.  Cool, huh?

Okay, so we began to assemble our wreath.  Mark made the base for me.  He is so handy!  The kids had a blast! And I believe it turned out great!!

100_1527 100_1534

I supervised!


Isn’t it absolutely beautiful??


We celebrated our first candle lighting and we felt so blessed.  It is really neat to see everyone get into the spirit of Christmas!!

Enjoy your Monday!  God bless..


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