Adios, 2010

Did you have a wonderful Christmas?  Here at the Dettra household, we were blessed beyond our imagination.  The kids got everything they could ever want and so much more.  They tore into those packages which left our living room covered in a sea of wrapping paper.  Our cat, Prissy, was having the time of her life playing in all that paper and in those empty boxes.  Next year, we won’t purchase any kitty toys… we will hand her an empty box.

2010 reminds me of a dear old friend…. Someone you love to spend time with a cozily conversation over a cup of warm cider.  This friend dependable by fault was welcomed each and every day.  2010 was a good year.  A year of discovery and authenticity.  It held loss, heartbreak, and tender sorrow.  But for each day of sorrow, blessings showered around me.

Wal-Mart made me mad, madder and even more mad..

Ventured into Lent as a Vegan..

Betty Crocker came over….

Explored Little Rock for two days….

Who could forget the freezer challenge….

Set out to find balance..

Even rated restrooms across Tenn..

Added another 4 legs and laughter..

Got in the ring with a rooster..

Grossed you out..

Found a new pet peeve..

All in all… 2010 was a great year!!!

Now that Christmas has passed it is time to look forward to the new year.  2011 holds our future, destiny, and aspirations.   UCK!!  I sound so philosophical and that annoys me!  Okay for my first resolution:  Don’t be so philosophical!  Ahem, now where was I?

This year my goals will be more tangible.    Of course the old standard, eat healthy and exercise, will be present.  I am carrying over the quest for balance into the new year.  But I am adding a few different goals this year..

1.  Get an article published.

2.  Meet with a publisher.

3.  Sell a painting.

I made an entire list last night and now… well… I can’t seem to find.. wait a minute… I think #4 needs to be… get organized!!

2010, it is almost time to say good-bye.  You have been a fun year, full of joy, tears and love.  It is my prayer that your brother, 2011, will be just as wonderful… if not more!!

God bless..  And of course, Happy New Year!!!!  I will be spending the next few days with my family.  I will see you next week!!

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