Happy New Year!!

I hope 2011 welcomed you with open arms.  Seems nice to finally be in 2011..  It’s like everything has a new perspective.  Actually, every January I think the same thing but this year it seems more vibrant.

Last week, I gave you a glimpse of my goals for 2011.  I, also, admitted that I couldn’t find my list… ahem.. hence the addition of getting organized..((giggling to myself)).  Here’s my long list of goals…

Things to Continue:

1.  Vegetarian…I got some really neat cookbooks from a local thrift shop.  I have already been experimenting!  Should have seen Mark’s face with the “bean goop” I fed him on bread.  Okay, that is one recipe I won’t be making again!  It was voted “Yucky.”  However, I have never felt better.  So, I’m keeping the veggies!

2.  Balanced..As many of you know, I set out last year on a quest to find balance.  I incorporated meditation, Bible studies, scripture memorization, exercise, and household order into my daily schedule along with writing and speaking.  It has worked out well so why fix something that isn’t broken, right??

New Goals:

1.  Get an article published.

2.  Meet with a publisher.

3.  Sell a painting.

4.  For Lent, partake in the Daniel Fast.  (No, No, I won’t be eating locus.. that was John.)

5.  Do a 5K..ahem… walk one!  Guess I better dust off the sneakers and get started on this one!!

6.  Paint the rooms of our home.. 10 years of neglect and it is time!!

7.  Get organized…  I’m visiting FlyLady again!!  LOVE HER!!  I need a refresher’s course!

8.  Learn to knit!  I don’t care if it kills me!  I am going to knit a scarf this year!!

9.  Finish my book(s).  Working on two simultaneously… surely I’ll get one done!!

10.  Sew at least two projects from One Yard Wonders.  I have the book ordered!!  Can’t wait!!

Well, there’s my top ten list of goals!  I am really pumped and ready to rock-n-roll!  It sounds like a bucket list, doesn’t it.

So tell me what goals you have set for the new year!

Enjoy your Monday and God bless..

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