Love in a Lunch Box

As a mother and wife, it is important to share the love I feel.  I make it a point each and every day to express it.  My morning routine is to hug and kiss good-bye as they leave.  I sign “I Love You” every chance I get.  I even have a special hand squeeze that signals my love.

February is, of course, the month set aside for love.  Valentine’s Day preparations, decorations, and cards line the stores.  Advertisements of flowers and jewelry flash on the screen.  Ahh..Love.  Doesn’t it feel great knowing we are loved?  I just have to say… I love love….((sigh))

When my baby girl was just a tot, once a month her daycare had “Sack Lunch Day.”  It was the best day ever in her wee little world.  I would decorate her brown paper sack with a picture I drew.  Usually, I would draw a swing set or a see-saw.. you know the normal stuff on a playground.  If she went on a field trip to the zoo, the sack doted a lion’s face.  My sweetie was the queen of the day because her mommy decorated the sack.

((sigh))  Sweet Memories..


As my kids grew up to be big kindergarteners, I drew pictures of hearts, smiles, and the “I Love You” hand sign on little slips of paper.  I slipped them into their lunch boxes.  As they began to read, I would mix words with pictures to convey how much I loved them.

((sigh))  They grow up so quickly..

lunch box note

I eventually made elaborate notes with stickers and good day wishes.  If I missed a single day, they would let me know all about it.  Now, they tell me they are too big for mommy’s notes.

((sigh)) I knew this day would come….

My notes weren’t anything special.  Sometimes I would just write, “I love you.” Other days, I would write about how much God loves them.  I even wrote scripture and helped them memorize Bible verses for Sunday School.  Every day, I reminded them of how much they were thought of and missed.

Loves notes in lunch boxes are so fun to do!  There are tons of unique and fun ways to leave little notes.  You can be as elaborate as you want.  My daughter loved coupons for ice cream redeemable after school.  My son loved stickers.  Check out these love notes.. wish I had seen these when they were little!!

lunchboxnote3Aren’t those cute and clever??

I just had a brilliant idea…

Ahem.. would you like to receive a copy of one of my favorite books?  Love Notes in Lunchboxes by Linda J. Gilden?

love notes bookGreat!  Just leave a comment and tell me that you would like the book.  Oh, and if you have written a unique note or done something extra special for your little ones or spouse please tell me.  I would love to hear it!!  On Friday, I will randomly draw a winner and send you this great book.

Oh, Goodie!  This is the first gift-away for 2011!  Yippie!!

Enjoy your Tuesday.. God Bless…

1 thought on “Love in a Lunch Box

  1. Regina, You were always the “Bestest” Mom to do this for your kids! Maybe one day in the future I’ll have grandkids and can pass along the idea to their Mom. Theresa


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