Relay For Life

As most of you know, my mother passed away due to cancer.  In the past, I participated in the Race for the cure here in Little Rock.  I did it for many years and enjoyed every time I crossed the finish line.  This year, I am participating in the Relay for Life along with my daughter and her youth group.  I am excited and well a little anxious because it has been a awhile since I walked any distance.

As I dust off the old sneakers and squeeze into my “yeah, right” jogging suit, I need to raise money for the cause.  Ugh.. I hate to ask people for money.  It just isn’t fun,  ya know!!  And times are hard on all of us!  Especially with the gas prices going up and all.

So I came up with a neat idea.  For $25, I will bake you a fancy cake.  I will deliver said cake (if you live in the Little Rock area) to your birthday party, shower, or any just because occasion.  The cake will be decorated with fondant and how you want (I’m not a miracle worker, please keep that in mind.)  It will be a 9 inch round cake and it will be your choice of a chocolate, white or yellow cake.

Here’s just a few I have done for my own children:

100_4553 100_4559

Made this one just last night.. the zebra print awed my daughter!

baking pics 001

Who wouldn’t want a hog cake????

Birthday Cake

This one was done for my son… he loved the balloons and presents!!

pictures 001

Peace out, man!!!

If you are interested in ordering a 9 inch round fondant decorated cake for $25, please email me at  Your order will help those who are battling cancer.

Enjoy your Tuesday.. God bless…

[nggallery id=1]


4 thoughts on “Relay For Life

    The duck cake was made and created for my son’s 16th birthday! It was a hit and in his words “One of the best cakes I ever ate!”

    Thanks Regina!


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