When I was 19, I experienced my first church involvement.   I attended a small country church and learned a lot about Jesus.  I wasn’t familiar with church business.  I basically didn’t know business was a part of church at that point in my life.  I was there all the time and loved serving.

Then out of the blue, the pastor left.  Leaving behind a wife, he found new love from an 18 year old boy.  It shocked the little church.  Within days the broken hearted wife had to pack up her belongings and leave the parsonage to make room for the new pastor and his family.  What saddened me the most during those few days was the behavior of some church members that I had grown to love and respect.  Basically, they alienated by placing the blame onto her.  Fingers pointed and she crumbled from the stress of it all.

My young mind was puzzled over the lack of love, support and understanding from the people she served.  The cruel judging and the unfair attacks enraged me.  I couldn’t support a church doing such things that the Bible clearly opposed.  She needed love to peace her life back together.  But instead she met opposition and harsh judgment.

That was my first experience of Christians’ messy lives and hardened hearts.  If I could turn back time, I would have asked where “Love your neighbor” was being practiced.  I would advise her to read Psalm 118 and know that God was with her.  And I wouldn’t have been so silent.  I didn’t know better back then.  I would have stood next to her to help protect her from the harsh words and bullying.  I would have shown Christ-like love and compassion.  I would have given her a helping hand to piece back her life.

I guess that is the difference age and experience makes.

I hope you enjoy your Monday… God bless..

1 thought on “Alienation

  1. I often wonder how many people have been hurt and abused by people who call themselves Christians. I’m sure it hurts God even more than it hurts us. And the anger we feel? Can you imagine how much more it angers God?


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