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Tired Days and Crazy Nights


Okay, I know that you have missed me over the past couple of days.  This week has been one of those wish-I-could-start-over weeks.  A week of bad Mondays is perhaps a better way to describe this week.  Of course, Sunday-Tuesday we were up late watching the weather.  My heart goes out to all those in the southern states neighborhood.

I guess those stressful nights caused weary sleeping habits because, I’ve been drained all week.  I know I was like a long tailed cat in a room full of rocking chairs.  Nervous.  Scared.  Afraid to move away from the TV.

So then there was Wednesday night.

Let me start off with an image…  How many of you have seen America’s Funniest Videos??  I just love that show!  I laugh for an entire hour each and every Sunday evening!!  My son calls it, “Mom’s laughing show.”  Okay so anyway, I know you have seen people fall on that show…  You know the ones that stumble and running to keep from falling.  As they gain momentum the harder they fall….  Alright.. keep that image in your head.

Now if you recall, I have two spaniels and two labs.  The labs are referred to as “The Boys.”  They are sweet and well… lovable.

Here’s Domino.  He is the rowdy younger lab.  He.. well.. let’s just say he must have skipped out the day God passed out intelligence.

the boys 004


And then there’s Stewart.  He is our Deaf lab.  He is much older than Domino but has a passion to dig.  If he would come out of the holes you would see that he is a beautiful white dog.


This is about all we see of Stewart on a daily basis!

Well, Wednesday night the boys trapped some critter under our shed.  I was awakened by a tools crashing, dogs barking, and just the most awful racket.  I jolted out of bed, found shoes and grabbed a flashlight.  The boys were circling the shed and stopping to dig out from the edge of it.   It took me at least 20 minutes and several dog bones/treats to convince them both to go to the back door.  It was decided they were going to sleep in the garage.  I managed to get Stewart in the garage without any problem.  But Domino was another story all together.  He went into his dog house and refused to leave.

I threw in the towel and woke Mark.  Mark finally won the Mexican standoff.  Domino came into the house and instead of going into the garage, he turned to go down the hall to the bedroom.  I leaped into action.  I reached out to catch him.  I tripped over Ginger, our spaniel, and did the AFV’s stumbling, running, gaining momentum and trying to catch myself going down the hall.




I hit the wall, door frames, and the floor.  Domino watched in horror.  Mark ran to help me.  Domino must have thought his last day on earth had approached because he let himself out the back door.  Beautiful graceful, Regina had done it again.  I have the carpet burns to prove it.  I have hurt all over for two days now!!

Needless to say.. Domino has been extra friendly to me.

As for last night.. Mark said I was giggling all night long in my sleep.  I woke him up and funny thing is.. I have no idea what was so funny!! Maybe my trip down the hall was playing on AFV!!!

I hope you enjoy your weekend!!  I am headed out to a community wide yard sale tomorrow morning!!  This is my favorite time to bargain shop!

God Bless…

Tornado Season

Ugh!  I hate this season around here.  I enjoy the flowers, warmer temperatures, and I can even put up with the pollen.  But, tornadoes are something different.  My grandparents lost their home in 1997 and 1999.  My childhood home suffered damage as well in 1999.  I get nervous and must hear from every one in the family before I relax.

Yesterday, my storm fearing pooches were on edge.  I slipped them some children’s Benadryl to help calm them down. But they still walked anxiously until we opened up the closet.. there they finally curled up with the kids and waited out the storms.

This morning, God had the birds singing and a cool breeze blowing.  My heart goes out to all those who lost their homes, their livelihood, and family members.  I know what it means to pick up your entire life laid in the rubble.  My grandmother cried over every piece of broken glass.  It is so hard.  Please know, I am praying.  I have a classmate who lives in Vilonia with her family.  I am trying desperately to  reach her.  The longer the time ticks away; the more I worry.

God is there my friends.  He is holding you up right now.  He is giving you the strength to see the aftermath.  He is comforting you while you grieve the loss.  He is there.

I have found a few pictures to share with everyone of last night’s storms.  Please continue to pray.  We are expecting more of the same tonight.

conway tornado

This was taken in Conway, AR.  That is about an hour north from us.  It was this storm cell that damaged Vilonia.

hot springs tornado

This one was taken in Hot Springs, AR.  That is about an hour southwest from us.

benton tornado

This is in Benton, AR.  Only 15 minutes from us.  I have friends who live in those apartments.

little rock tornado

This one is in Little Rock, AR.  Only 30 minutes from us.  It was near where Mark’s office used to be!

May God bless us and keep us safe tonight.  And when I say “us” I mean ALL of us!

God bless…

Stockpiling or Hoarding?

Okay, I have heard about the “Extreme Couponing” show on TLC.  Sadly, I don’t pay for TV so I have never actually watched an episode.  It sounds exciting and very interesting.  I hope it will some day be online to watch.  But here’s what I have seen on the YouTube…. stockpiling.

I just don’t understand this concept.  Now, I ain’t stupid… I know that having a few extras helps save money and all… and I do have a full freezer and a well stocked pantry but what concerns me is the 60 boxes of cereal and the extra rooms being used as a storage facility.  It doesn’t seem very wise to purchase so much that you won’t be able to consume it before the expiration date.  It seems so wasteful and time consuming.

I understand the concept of worrying about the possibility of a major disaster but really…. we shouldn’t over extend ourselves with worry about tomorrow…being prepared in case of an emergency is one thing but living near the hoarder extreme borderline is another thing.

Please take a look at two clips that I have found.. and let me know what you think about the stockpiling.  Perhaps, it only bothers me.. but I would be interested to know your opinion.

This first clip has all the cereal.  It is short and kinda makes me wonder.  The expense in the nice tubs to store everything made my heart stop!


This next clip is around 7 minutes long.  But notice the amount of gravy!  And here’s something I want to ask.. Why the lock on the door???


So what do you think?  Is this a healthy stockpile or is it borderline hoarding? remember I am at today.  Hop on over and take a gander.  I am discussing a unique form of weight loss.

Be safe and keep your eye to the sky today.  Severe weather here in my neck of the woods.  God bless…

Holy Celebration



Today is Maundy Thursday.  Our Easter celebrations begin to intensify starting today.  I will not be posting tomorrow because it is Good Friday.

I have some really great activities that you may want to enjoy with your family.  These activities are recipes that tells a story.  They are a lot of fun!

Scripture Cake

This cake is based on scriptures found in the Old Testament.  It is like a fruit/spice cake.  I have made it before and really enjoyed looking up the scriptures with my kids to see if they could figure out what the ingredient is..

scripture cake recipe

Seder Meal

This is the Last Supper.  It is a Jewish tradition for the Passover meal.  I have found this wonderful website that has examples of what to serve as well as the Passover Prayers.  This is  an unique opportunity to share with your children what Jesus might have been eating for his last supper.  Visit the website by clicking here.

last supper

Empty Tomb Cookies

This year, I am going to make these cookies with my kids.  I have always wanted to but just never have.  You will read a story while making the cookies.  The story is of Christ’s crucifixion and the resurrection.  The recipe and story can be found here.   And this is what the cookies look like when finished.. an empty tomb.

empty tomb cookies

Enjoy your Easter celebrations.  May God be the center of your weekend.  God Bless…

Granny's Helpful Hints

April 18, 2005 was the day my Granny Aline passed away.   There were times she would call me and say, “Gina, you’re on my mind.  Everything okay?”  She always said she had a special bond with me.  It was amazing that 99% of the time when she asked, I had a bad day and needed to talk to someone.  She was a good listener!

Anyway, today, I was racking my brain trying to figure out what to blog about.  Granny popped in my head.  I decided to go through some of her recipe boxes for a good recipe to share.  But I ran across an index card ring with some helpful hints instead.

So, here is just a few helpful hints she wrote…

Flea Prevention

1.  Rosemary and water- boil for 1 hour and cool.  Strain.  Pour water in spray bottle and add a little more water.  Spray on cat or dog.

2.  Put pine needles under the pet’s bed-will keep fleas out of the house.

3.  Add garlic and Brewer’s yeast to food-will keep fleas off pets.


Slow Drains

Use Plumb Clean-it is the best!

plumb clean

Repairing Wallpaper

When seam pops up-raise and apply clear nail polish to seam, press, hold for a few seconds-seams will be sealed.

Dingy Whites

Try whitening formula of 1 cup automatic dishwasher detergent and 1/3 cup household bleach added to one gallon hot water.  Be sure to mix in a plastic or stainless steel bucket.  Soak your whites in solution for 30 minutes.  Remove and wash as usual.

Prevent Color Running

Soak colored clothes in water with a little vinegar, then wash normally.

Fluffy Rice

Add a teaspoon of lemon juice to cooking water to make rice fluffy.

Paint Smell

To remove paint smells when painting add two tablespoons vanilla flavoring to each gallon of paint.

Sticky Price Tag Glue

To remove sticky glue left when removing price stickers on merchandise, use small amount of peanut butter worked well into surface, wet a small amount of terry towel and rub gently til all is removed.

Ice Cubes

Put ice cubes in brown paper bag-they won’t stick together in freezer.

Lighting Candles or Fireplace

Lit a stick of uncooked spaghetti for lighting a fireplace or candles on a cake.

Well, folks, there you have it.. Granny’s helpful hints.  If I run across some more I will be sure to let you know!  Enjoy this glorious day!

God bless..