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If you read my post on yesterday, you would know that the golden rule is something we all need to remind ourselves of every once in a while.  If you haven’t read it, jump on over and take a gander… I’ll wait until you get back…


…#1, funny huh?

Well, I was reading in my Bible last night and I ran across this little gem of a verse…

They claim to know God, but by their actions they deny him.  They are detestable, disobedient and unfit for doing anything good.   Titus 1:16

Immediately after I read this I thought about the whole “You’re #1” concept.  I really had to hang my head in shame.  Not that I told anyone that they are indeed #1, but I thought about how many times I have sported my cross decor (earrings, shirts, purse, shoes) and then was rude to someone, or whined about having to do something, or worse.


I didn’t like that thought.  Especially when the idea of God thinking I was detestable and disobedient.  Then I thought about the times that I gossip.. those are the times that I don’t do anything good.  I tend to hide away.  I even “forget” to do my Bible study or meditation.  If I really analyze my behaviors, I can see that I am in a deep pit of sin.  God’s right, nothing good comes from me during those times.


But, here’s the beauty of it all.. I can ask for forgiveness.  Just by asking, I put myself back on the right track.  The tricky part is not to fall of the wagon.  Is it just me or does anyone else have the problem of keeping tags on sinning?  Sometimes, I wonder why God made me so human.

Well, I am in the middle of cleaning out a closet!  Guess I better get back to work!  Enjoy this very warm sticky Tuesday..

God bless..

By Faith and Aliens


I’ve been reading Hebrews.  Chapter 11 has always intrigued me.  The title so eloquently summarizes the entire chapter, “By Faith.”    Each paragraph begins with  “By Faith”  and follows the short-to-the-point legacy of men in the Old Testament.  (Oh, dear, how could I ever forget… Rahab was a lady!  Please excuse my mistake!!)

Tucked ever so cleverly between the “by faiths” there is a verse that always makes me ponder.

All these people were still living by faith when they died.  They did not receive the things promised; the only saw them and welcomed them from a distance.  And they admitted that they were aliens and strangers on earth.  Hebrews 11:13

God chose.  God came.  God promised.  And they lived by faith.  They never got to hold the promise in their hands.  They were strong enough in their faith to live out their lives on the promise God spoke to them.  They never saw the outcome.  They never got to say, “God did this for me.  Ain’t He something!”  Instead they took God at his word and went forth regardless of something tangible, produced, or actually watching the promise come in full sight.

Am I that full of faith?  I WISH!!  I am so wrapped up in the Burger King lifestyle.. having it my way.  I want instant approval, instant acknowledgement, and instant recognition from God’s promise.  Ahem….

Please tell me I’m not alone!

See, the key is the third statement in that verse…

And they admitted that they were aliens and strangers on earth.

They didn’t live in the worldly terms of Burger King.  They didn’t need the instant stuff we require from God by today’s standards.  They lived differently..ahem.. I think they lived out their faith.  That is why they were considered aliens and strangers.

HMMMMMMM….. Something to think about, huh?

Please enjoy this day that God has made!!!! God bless… much as you just love me.. I know you want to hop on over to and see what I have posted.  Can you believe a double dose of little old me????  I know you are just dying to read it!  Now, don’t be shy… just click here.

Bean Bags

My step-nephew just turned three.  I made the Thomas the Train cake for his party.  I hate to brag but… gee, I did a great job on that cake!!  See..

102_4662Well, you know, for his gift, I wanted to give him something different.  Every little one has the newest and the best right??  I opted for something a little old fashioned and of course homemade!

For one Christmas my granny gave my daughter a set of bean bags she had made and a plastic bowl.  Both of my kids spent hours playing with that simple game of bean bag toss.  So, off to the scrap material drawer and pantry I went!  I made 6 bean bags… well 3 rice bags and 3 popcorn bags.. I didn’t have any beans!!  I purchased a set of plastic bowls from Dollar General (2 for $1)!  What a steal!!

Now, I am thinking… what a neat Easter basket treat for the little ones!!  They are so simple to make!

1.  Cut 4 inch squares out of material.

2.  With the right sides of the material together, sew three of the 4 sides together.  Clip the corners and trim the edges.

3.  Turn right side out and fill with beans, rice, or popcorn kernels.

4.  Tuck the edges inside, pin, and sew that baby right up!

Easy!  Easy! Easy!

Now, get to sewing!!!

Enjoy your Thursday!  I know I will!  God bless….


For the past few days, I worked in the yard.  It is that necessary evil that comes around this time of the year and stays until winter.  I think I would enjoy it more if I actually had a green thumb.  The only thing I can grow are weeds.  My neighbor, the sweet elderly gentleman whom I just adore, gave me some plants that “could never fail to grow.”  Ahem… let’s just say.. he was shocked when he discovered that… though I did my best..that I had killed those “never failing” plants.

So, anyways, I have been clipping the overgrown bushes.  Ahem..let’s just say, I am not Edward Sissorhands.  Well, you see I couldn’t find the electric hedge clipper so I did it the old fashioned way..

The bush began like this..


Now this the one bush I did not trim.  Because… see what I did…


Pitiful isn’t it…

I abandoned the efforts to trim the bushes.  Mark just shook his head and laughed.  I went to the flowerbed and weeded.  I tell you what… my arms were sore from whacking the bushes.. so the weeding was kinda slow.  Plus, I hate to weed.

I decided to dig a hole.  I will have to show you the end results at a later day.  Shoveling with flip flops on is not a good idea.

This morning, I am sore from head to toe.  I can barely move without a sore muscle letting me know that I haven’t been exercising like I should.  Mark, bless his heart, told me to take a day of rest from the yard work.  Probably because of the bush, half weeded flowerbed and a hole.  Nothing like the Missus messing up a man’s manicured lawn!

So instead of a shovel, I picked up the Bible to read.  I am currently reading Hebrews.  The fourth chapter, ironically, is on the Sabbath-Rest for the people of God.  I chuckled because I think God is on Mark’s side on this.   Well today I intend to do just that!  Rest!  Staying away from the yard work!

Let us, therefore, make every effort to enter that rest, so that on one will fall by following their example of disobedience.  Hebrews 4:11

Enjoy your day… God bless..

Silver Linings


We are human.  We have human hearts.  We find ourselves heartbroken and spiritually crushed, one time or another.  It is a part of life.  It is just humans living with humans.

See to it, brothers, that non of you has a sinful, unbelieving heart that turns away from the living God.  Hebrews 3:12

My dad walked away from God as a young man.  He survived a horrific and fatal car accident.  His friends died in the wreckage.  Survivor’s guilt haunted him and he didn’t wait to see God’s bigger picture before walking away.

Church life was not the center of our home growing up.  My brother and I knew about God through our mother but rarely heard our father speak of God, Christ or anything related to church.  We knew he has a distaste for preachers.  Apparently, dad and the minister who was to marry my parents got into a tiff.  We didn’t realize the extent of the scarring until our mother passed away.

Dad questioned God for allowing him to live once more.  He was the one who smoked like a chimney.  He was the one who didn’t take care of himself.  He was the one with the colorful past.  He was the “bad” one.  So, why take the mother of his children?  It was like the original survivor’s guilt resurfaced.

He was living the lone life of a survivor.  He pushed my brother and I away soon after.  For 4 long years, our family divided and my heart longed for my daddy.  We had just begun to rebuild our relationship when dad fell ill.  I think in a weird sort of a way dad wanted to finally get what he deserved.  But he survived.  God wouldn’t allow him to die.  But this time things were different.  He didn’t question God.  In fact after 3 long hard months in the hospital/rehab, he said, “When I bust out of this joint, we have to go to church and say thanks.”   And we did.

A few years ago, my dad gave his testimony.  He explained the walking away from God.  How his anger for God had kept him from teaching his children about Christ.  He told that his survivor’s guilt fueled the anger and his sinful behaviors.  He said that when he almost lost his life that God showed him the silver linings.

If he had died in the car crash, he would not have been a husband and a father.

If he was the one who died before his wife, then his wife would have suffered a brain tumor… a very difficult cancer to battle without a spouse by your side.

If he had lost his life instead of his leg, he would not be the hero to his grandkids.

And now, if he had not survived… and continued to disbelieve God’s promises, he would not have a true relationship with Christ.   I’m thankful he is the strong survivor that he is!!

God bless..