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Trash, A Roach and A Bad Attitude


This morning, my back hurts.  Plus, my heart is heavy.  God opened my heart and eyes this morning.

At 11:30 pm  Sunday night, my alarm blared and my head hurt.  I grumbled out of bed and put on the work clothes.  I at cereal and took some Advil in hopes to ward off this bad headache.  By 11:55, my attitude was not the example I wanted to portray in front of my daughter.  I had a serious case of “Don’t Want to’s.”  I did not want to get up in the middle of the night.  I did not want to pick up trash at the river after the big weekend celebration know as Riverfest.  I did not want to touch anything gross.  I did not want to do it.  Don’t want to!  Don’t want to!  Don’t want to!  I sounded like a 2 year old.

On our way there, we heard of a shooting that had just occurred.  Don’t want to!  Instead of praying for the situation, I grumbled.  Instead of hoping for the best, I grouched.  It wasn’t pleasant.   But, we got there and it was time to go to work.  My head pounded.  The smell of the place made the zoo smell refreshing.  It was nasty!  The amount of trash was sickening.  The “Don’t Want To’s” were flying out of my mouth.  The blood rushing to my headache every time I bent over to pick up someone’s trash made matters and my attitude worse.  I fussed.  I grumbled. And finally, I saw spots and got sick.  Praise God, I had a trash bag on hand!

As the amount of nasty trash increased, so did my bad attitude.  I had my fill of picking up turkey leg carcasses, dirty diapers, and cigarette butts… not to mention the amount of alcoholic beverage containers.  Nasty!  Gross!  My stomach is turning right now at the memory of it.  I can’t believe how nasty people can be!

As if things couldn’t get worse….

I was helping empty trash cans.  One didn’t have a liner.  So we took an empty can and lined it with my trash bag.  I was holding it around the can as two men dumped the unlined one.  Oh!  What came out of that can!  (picture me right now with a sour pinched nose face) BLECH!!!  Next thing I know something is crawling up my arm and up under my sleeve.  I jumped back and screamed.  My arms flailed and out came a water roach.



I run.  I scream.  I am through!  YUCK!  GROSS!

I told my friend this. her response, “What is it with you and creatures??”  She’s got a point!

Anyway, my bad attitude had evolved into a BAD attitude.  I made BA on the A-Team look like a mouse.  I yelled.  I belly-ached.  It was so not like me!  I wasn’t alone.  I heard lots of adults at 5 am with the same kind of attitude.  And it passed along to the kids.  By 8 am, no one was nice.  It was sad…

Even after coming home, taking a much needed shower, and sleeping, my attitude was still the same.  B.A.D.

Then last night, I prayed for forgiveness.  I prayed that I would learn from this experience.  I prayed that I would be thankful and have gratitude for the job I hated to do.  I thought if anything could make this experience good.. it had to be God.

God reminded me of the ugly side of me.  He reminded me that it wasn’t pretty nor to be seen.  He provoked me into thinking that perhaps my attitude and the others in our group towards leaving a cup behind at the movies or a concert needs to change.  He tapped me on the shoulder and told me that it was time to ask those around to witness my meltdown for forgiveness.  He thoughtfully explained that littering (not that I do it) is a campaign we all need to change.  He showed me that maybe those young people in our group may have decided on a career path (Garbage collecting or not).  He reminded me that my sore muscles and back pain may not be the trashes fault to my own for not exercising more.

My bad attitude has softened.  I now just praise God that no one was hurt and that our hard work was for the greater good.  Next year, if we do this again, I will sleep more before going.  God has shown me that I need sleep to be pleasant.

Hope you have a great day!  God bless..

Summer Book Club

My girlfriends and I are planning a Summer Book Club.  I was thinking this afternoon while sitting among the library books.. ahem.. I just love visiting my library!  Anyway, I thought I would invite all of my blog buddies to join with us!

We will be reading the book, Walking on Broken Glass, by Christa Allan.  It really looks promising!  We will begin our book talks on June 23.  So get the book and start reading!  I will have questions for all of us to answer and discuss.  Also, I just might have a live chat one night!  Now doesn’t that sound like fun!!!

So, hurry to your local library, bookstore, or and get that book!

God Bless…

Value of Friends

Have you ever thought about how much you truly value your friends?  Would you have to break down the value according to the degree of your relationship.  I guess your BFF would have a greater value than say a church acquaintance.  Or do you think that every person regardless of the friendship hierarchy should have the same value?

I asked myself these kinds of questions last night.  Did Christ value others more?  Did He give out a cheaper miracle to some and others gave the richest of miracles?  Or would you say the value of every miracle He performed was equal?  I mean a miracle is great no matter the size, right?

Shouldn’t we give our best to all of our friends equally?  Or how about to anyone?  Shouldn’t we treat everyone equally in terms of value?  Thought provoking, huh?

You see, Mary.. you know the Martha and Mary, Mary… well she was criticized by Judas for pouring her most expensive perfumed oil on Jesus’ feet.  It was an act of most grand value.  She used the expensive oil to show her devotion and love to Jesus.  It was an act of giving that went without notice from Christ.  She was blessed.  Can you imagine the feeling she had as she did this?  This was a valued oil (averaging like $60 in today’s money)  Something to treasure and she was giving it away freely.  And Judas of all people had to make a comment. (John 12: 4-6)

But, how ironic… Judas sold Jesus out for a mere 20 bucks.  Shows you how much he truly valued his friendship with Christ.. ahem.. God himself.

And now, think about Christ.  He paid the ultimate price.. for everyone equally.  He died so that everyone could have an eternal relationship with God.  The value is the same for everyone.

Makes you stop and think doesn’t it?  Well, while you are thinking.. have a great day!  God Bless..

Speak Up


Proverbs 31:8

Speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves, for the rights of all who are destitute.

Wow, what a powerful little sentence.   And how many times have I ignored it..  Not because I am cruel but because, I don’t want to get involved.

Hear me out…

How many times have I seen children being yelled at over something so simple or minor.  In the grocery store one day, I witnessed a case of verbal abuse that shook every nerve in my body.  Did I say anything on behalf of that child? No.  I thought it would be best for me to just walk away.

Funny though, while teaching, any student of mine who spoke of any hint of abuse verbal, physical, emotional… I stood by that student regardless.  Perhaps, it was my duty as a teacher.  Well, the law says I must report it.  And I followed it to the letter.  But what about that child in the grocery store?  Why didn’t I say a word?

Some of you may be thinking, well, the mother may have had a bad day.  And you are correct.  But, the cursing and the demeanor of that mother was frightening to me.  I can only imagine how that child felt.  The Bible tells us to point out the errs of our sisters and brothers.  So, why don’t I do it in every case?

I admit there have been times that I screamed at my kids.  Felt horrible afterwards, but if someone approached me and made me aware of my mistake the focus would most likely be taken off the child or I would settle down and beg forgiveness.

I don’t think I would have approached that mother with her attitude but with an attitude of love.  I would have rather the focus or brunt of her anger be towards me, an adult, who most likely could handle it than on the child.


I wish I could turn back time and approach the lady.  Nevertheless, I can pray for her and hope for God’s grace to protect the child.

Well, my friends, I hope you have a great day!  God bless…

Trust Him

God whispered something on my heart.

I heard it.

Got busy and forgot about it.

God spoke it again.

I listened to it.

Worked a little towards it.

Felt inadequate.

Didn’t trust I could do it.

Got busy to ignore it.

God told me directly once again.

I heard and listened intently.

Argued that I wasn’t capable.

Looked for excuses.

Ignored it.

God persisted.

Ignored my excuses.

Prompted a change of heart.

I called out for Him.

He listened

Extended His trust.

Accepted my fear and gave me ease.

I got busy with God’s assignment.

I feel stronger, confident and loved.


Enjoy your day.   God bless..