Getting a Little Jesus with Lysa


Okay, so I had the strangest dream last night.  So strange that I just have to tell you about it.  First and foremost, let me warn you I have been reading 1 Samuel each night before going to bed.  Secondly, allow me to introduce if you haven’t already met, Lysa TerKeurst.  She is one of my favorite authors and speakers.  Her style is a lot like mine and well.. I am convinced we are twin sisters who look nothing alike and have different parents that were separated at birth.  She just doesn’t know it.

Anyway, so Lysa, my daughter, my grandmother, and I were on an adventure to find ourselves a little Jesus.  We were to visit various churches in the area (somewhere in NC).  We were driving around looking for church buildings.  We found one.  We entered.  It was painted in a grey/blue motif.  The preacher and the praise band was standing on a little ledge around the room up above the congregation seats.  The best way I can describe the atmosphere was like in a “bar.”  Not that I have actually visited one recently..but seen them on TV.  Ahem, those days are long gone!  Praise God!

Well, the music was great.  The sermon was great!  And Lysa stood up and said, “Got some Jesus now let’s go find some more!”  And off we went.

The next church was skyscraper tall.  It literally touched the clouds.  It was red laced with gold.  It was awesome to see.  It reminded me of when I went to NYC.  I just stood at the foot of those tall buildings with my mouth wide open.  I had never seen anything so breathtaking.  It was like that.. big, bold, and beautiful.  We entered the church.  Fancy to say the least.  We seated and the preaching began.  There was no sound doctrine being preached.  Our mouths were open alright.  The preacher preached lies and of unholy things.  Lysa stood and shouted.  “There is no Jesus in this fine building.  Let’s go!”  With that.. a riot started.  We quickly slipped out.

The last church we visited was in a strip mall.  The decor was Hawaiian/ African.  I really couldn’t tell… maybe “tropical” would be a better word to describe it.  Anyway, we found our seats in the middle of the place.   Then the humming began.  Then the chanting.  Then people dressed in golden robes entered carrying a giant golden frame with a picture of some man (not Jesus mind you).  People fell to their knees as the picture was carried to the alter.  Lysa snapped, “They are worshipping idols!  Girls let’s get out of here.  There is no Jesus up in here!”

See I told you it was a strange dream.

I hope you have a wonderful Thursday!  God bless you all… oh, and I hope you find a little Jesus in your day!


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