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Getting a Little Jesus with Lysa


Okay, so I had the strangest dream last night.  So strange that I just have to tell you about it.  First and foremost, let me warn you I have been reading 1 Samuel each night before going to bed.  Secondly, allow me to introduce if you haven’t already met, Lysa TerKeurst.  She is one of my favorite authors and speakers.  Her style is a lot like mine and well.. I am convinced we are twin sisters who look nothing alike and have different parents that were separated at birth.  She just doesn’t know it.

Anyway, so Lysa, my daughter, my grandmother, and I were on an adventure to find ourselves a little Jesus.  We were to visit various churches in the area (somewhere in NC).  We were driving around looking for church buildings.  We found one.  We entered.  It was painted in a grey/blue motif.  The preacher and the praise band was standing on a little ledge around the room up above the congregation seats.  The best way I can describe the atmosphere was like in a “bar.”  Not that I have actually visited one recently..but seen them on TV.  Ahem, those days are long gone!  Praise God!

Well, the music was great.  The sermon was great!  And Lysa stood up and said, “Got some Jesus now let’s go find some more!”  And off we went.

The next church was skyscraper tall.  It literally touched the clouds.  It was red laced with gold.  It was awesome to see.  It reminded me of when I went to NYC.  I just stood at the foot of those tall buildings with my mouth wide open.  I had never seen anything so breathtaking.  It was like that.. big, bold, and beautiful.  We entered the church.  Fancy to say the least.  We seated and the preaching began.  There was no sound doctrine being preached.  Our mouths were open alright.  The preacher preached lies and of unholy things.  Lysa stood and shouted.  “There is no Jesus in this fine building.  Let’s go!”  With that.. a riot started.  We quickly slipped out.

The last church we visited was in a strip mall.  The decor was Hawaiian/ African.  I really couldn’t tell… maybe “tropical” would be a better word to describe it.  Anyway, we found our seats in the middle of the place.   Then the humming began.  Then the chanting.  Then people dressed in golden robes entered carrying a giant golden frame with a picture of some man (not Jesus mind you).  People fell to their knees as the picture was carried to the alter.  Lysa snapped, “They are worshipping idols!  Girls let’s get out of here.  There is no Jesus up in here!”

See I told you it was a strange dream.

I hope you have a wonderful Thursday!  God bless you all… oh, and I hope you find a little Jesus in your day!



This morning, I sat down to read my Bible.  I’ve been reading 1 Samuel.  I just love reading the Old Testament.  Some of the content is just so fascinating.  I have just gotten to the part where Samuel met Saul.  If you recall, the Israelites wanted a King like all the other countries.  How strange… UH, God is your King!!  Hello!!  Anyway, God gave them what they wanted.  A King.  Saul was chosen to be that King.

Saul didn’t look like your average Israelite.  He stood taller than everyone else.  Stands out in a crowd, if you will.  Now when it came time to name Saul as King… here’s the funny thing… He couldn’t be found.  People questioned God, “Ain’t he here??”  Then, get this, God said, “Yes, he’s here.  He’s hiding over there in the baggage.”  See people from all 12 tribes were gathered there.  Baggage must have been everywhere.  And there Saul was hiding.

Can you imagine what he was thinking?  If it was me, I would have been over there praying not to be found.  I don’t have the confidence to rule as king.  I wonder when he was found if he picked up a suitcase and said something like, “Why there it is!  I’ve been looking for this everywhere.”

Saul was avoiding his responsibility. his calling.  He felt like he wasn’t ready to rule.  Oh my, how many times have I hid in the baggage in my life.  My baggage is the excuses I come up with to avoid getting involved or to put something off that I don’t particularly want to do.  And all that  heavy emotional baggage that I sometimes use as a shield.  I am just using it to hide from any growth towards healing because it is so painful.

Now that is something to think about.  Enjoy your day.

God bless…

Long Nights


As I am sitting here at the kitchen table, wrapped in the first afghan my grandmother made me, sipping hot chocolate (I know!  The calendar is wrong!  It can’t be this cold in May!), I am thinking about the long nights I have been experiencing.  No wonder I am so tired!  I haven’t had a really good peaceful sleep in some time.

The other night, Mark and I headed to bed.  It was well past out bedtime (It was 10) and we were tired.  Mark went into the bathroom to brush his teeth and I slipped into my favorite gown.  I noticed the corner of the fitted sheet had come undone.  I sighed, grumbled something about why always on my side of the bed, and moved my pillows.  Fred and Ginger had already settled down on our bed.  They briefly looked my way to acknowledge that I was complaining.

I lifted the corner up and there was a small snake-like reptile coiled up!  Needless to say.. I screamed.  Leapt like superman across the room.  And of course, I had to do the “There’s a snake-like thing in my bed” dance complete with flailing hands and jumping!  Coming to my rescue, Mark emerged from the bathroom to see me dancing at the door.  All I could do was point at the bed… words were not coming.

Being the brave soul he is, Mark went to check out the bed.  He moved back the sheet.  Nothing.

I danced and swore there was something over there.  About that time, the tail flickered between the mattress and the wall.

Mark joined me in the “There’s a snake-like thing in our bed” dance.

It turned out to be one of these lovely creatures.


And those buggers are fast!  After several attempts, I was ready to sleep in the living room. We caught the thing between the mattress and the box spring.  Yes, that’s right we totally wrecked the bed trying to capture this unwanted reptile.

Can you imagine if I had crawled into bed with that whiptail lizard?  I wouldn’t be here today.  I would have had a heart attack and died!

So, now I have to shake the sheets, pillows and blankets before I climb into bed.  I am still shivering from the experience.

Okay, so then, after that night… I once again crawled into bed (after checking for whiptails) and settled down for a good night’s sleep.  I had just dozed off when something crawled up on my arm and stung me!  I jumped up from the bed squealing!  I immediately began the “There’s something in our bed that stings” dance.  Naturally, I am flailing my hands and jumping up and down.

I turned on the light.  Mark laughed thinking “What is it now?”  I told him something stung me.  My arm was whelping up and hurting.  It was hot and bright red.  But the mysterious creature was never found.  I couldn’t sleep for the imaginary bugs in my bed.

Of course… I had to shake out the sheets, pillows and blankets before I could even think about getting in bed again.




So night before last, I did the lizard and stinging bug search, crawled into bed, and snuggled with my spaniel, Fred.  Mark was sound asleep.  I had dozed off.  Next thing I know, Fred starts growling and shaking.  I woke him up.  I dozed.  Growl. Shake. Wake him up.  Doze back to sleep.  Growl. Shake. Wake. Doze.  Now, I am not going to stand for too much more of this.  I put him down on his dog bed.  As soon as I fall asleep.  Growl. Shake. Wake. Doze.  Started up again!  I get up with him.  I pet him and talk to him softly (like he can hear me.. he’s so old!).  I guess I loved the nightmare away because he finally fell asleep.  I got back in bed.  Then I hear the low rumble of ZZZZZZZZZZZZ coming from Ginger.




So last night.  I shook the sheets, pillows, and blankets.  Cuddled and soothed Fred.  Made sure Ginger was sleeping quietly.  I finally fell peacefully asleep.  Until, I woke up around 11:30.  I had been dreaming of Mom.  It wasn’t until then that I remembered that Mom died 15 years ago.  Tears flooded my pillow.  I felt so guilty for not remembering.  The thought of forgetting Mom broke my heart.  I tossed and turned all the while imagining what life would have looked like if she had not died.  My kids would have been spoiled rotten.  She would have seen the Grand Canyon by now.  Life would have been good.




This morning, when the alarm went to blaring.  It was so hard to get up.  I told Mark about last night.  He listened to how things would have been if Mom was still here.  Then he asked one profound question..

Would we be involved with our church?

I don’t know.  My relationship with Christ probably would not be like it is today.  It is hard to say.

I put on my best smile and started my day.  At breakfast, I no longer was thinking about what I didn’t have.  I realized I have a wonderful husband, two great kids, two goofy labs, two tender spaniels, and 2 cats.  I have a home to clean, food to cook, and laundry to do.  I have a great friends, a church family, and a great community in which to live.  And I have a God who loves me very very much.

And let’s not forget the lizard and the mysterious stinging bug!

Enjoy your day!

God bless..

Growing Daisies


Oh my goodness!  My friend, Amy, posted the neatest quote on Facebook this morning.  It was one of those quotes that makes you just stop and think about what is being said.

When you plant crab grass, you can’t expect to see daisies.

It is a good one!

Admit it, you had to think about that one!

And it is so true!  Just come on over and take a look at my flower bed.  The crab grass has taken over and my once beautiful, bountiful patch of daisies are gone.  And really did you know that there are several varieties of crab grass.  Oh, yeah, weeds I do know.  Can’t make anything but silk flowers grow!

Here’s the types of crab grass I have found lurking in my garden.

1.  Time-excuse crab grass.  Now this one takes the cake!  This crabby grass flourishes when gardeners complain about  having too little time to grow daisies.  Gardeners like the rest of us have a jam-packed schedule.  There’s deadlines to meet.  People to see.  Kids to get from one place to another.  Laundry to do.  Groceries to be bought.  TV to watch.  Wii to play.  Facebooks to read.  Time-excuse grass will do the gardening for you.  In no time, it will choke the time consuming daisies.

2.  Don’t Wanna crab grass.  Oh, the Don’t Wanna grass!  Plentiful, I tell ya!  This grass feeds on the tired, stressed, and over scheduled daisies.  Don’t Wanna grass is the close cousin  of the Don’t Needa Nother Thing To Do grass.  Don’t Wanna grass screams anxiety and frustration.  The heartiness of this grass rots the roots of the daisies.

3.  Can’t crab grass.  Can’t never did anything but add poison to the soil.  Can’t crab grass strangles the desire for the daisies to grow.  Can’t grows instead.

Crab grass ruins the most simple gardens.  It makes what was once beautiful so well… dead looking.  Undesirable.  Unappealing.  Unattractive.

Oh, I know crab grass is so much easier to plant.  But a well thought out, time-managed, passionate garden is the most beautiful garden of all.  I would much rather have daisies growing than the crab grass.

God bless….



Last night in my small group, I discovered a bit of scripture that made every emotion spill out of me.  It was two verses tucked in the book of Philippians.  And thanks to Lysa TerKeurst, I felt as if I had been slammed into a wall.

18 For, as I have often told you before and now tell you again even with tears, many live as enemies of the cross of Christ. 19 Their destiny is destruction, their god is their stomach, and their glory is in their shame. Their mind is set on earthly things. Philippians 3:18-19

I was having a good day until I heard this passage.  I didn’t appreciate being told that my god is my stomach.  I just thought it was an idol.  Like that is even better but when the term “god” was used… Man!  Slam!  Ouch!  I guess the word “idol” seems so accepting in my mind.. even though God hates the whole idol business.  I guess I am not sensitive to that word because in our culture idols are glamorized.

Then, in this passage, “god” is used.  Whoa, that opened my eyes and ears.  I didn’t like how that felt.  Having another “god” in my life brought torment and shame.  I must admit though..  it is true.  There I said it..  It. Is. True.  I can’t deny it.  Obviously.  I am wearing my god around my waist.

I think this may be the push I need to wake up and do something about my lifestyle.

I hope you enjoy your day.

God Bless…