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Captain Leaky

My dearest daughter calls me Captain Obvious.  I have the knack of stating the obvious.  I kinda like the title.  It is good to appreciate the obvious.

Well, this morning, I am appreciating the obvious.  Waaaaayyyyy too much.  Already been up for a few minutes and my insecurities are leaking all over the place.  “I’m not good enough” thoughts are streaming.  The inferior feelings of being a small fish in a big old ocean are making puddles on my brother’s nice carpet.  Words like “failure” pelt as if big raindrops are falling.

I’m under attack.  That is obvious.

I need me some Jesus.  That is overstating the obvious.

I wonder if the human side of Jesus battled with insecurity.  Did he ooze with insecurities like I am doing this morning? Or did he have the confidence to get the job done?  Just prior to the crucifixion he kept repeating, “Your will be done.”

Hmmmm….. could it that obvious?  Why, yes, it is.  I don’t hold the title “Captain Obvious” for nothing, ya know.

Enjoy your Friday.  May God bless you…….

Fell Off

Well, did you think I fell off the face of the earth?

I packed my little bag and headed out of town.  Just for a few days.  Gonna soak up some Son at the She Speaks Conference.  This is my 3rd year and I am ready to learn some more to Jesus stuff!!

Don’t worry.  I will post some pictures and keep in touch through out the conference.  Please do me a favor…… send up a prayer or two for me….. I am pitching my book to a couple of publishers.  I proudly showed it off to my brother this afternoon.  UGH!!  Two mistakes in the first two sentences.  Gotta run to Staples in the morning to make new copies.  I almost cried.  I looked over that thing a zillion times.

Thank God my brother has a sharp eye!  Now how silly would I look????

Well, the guy at Staples will be my new best friend.

Enjoy your weekend.

God bless……


A Decade Ago

A decade ago, a little tiny bundle was put in my arms.  It had been a difficult pregnancy to say the least.  My blood pressure stayed at stroke level for weeks.  I had been on bed rest for 3 months.  But all that trouble melted away the moment my son was put in my arms.

I remember holding his tiny hand and counting his little toes.  I thought he looked just like his big sister.  The image of the little blonde boy that I dreamed of a year before after recovering from my D&C and miscarriage.  I cried thinking that I had lost my little blonde son.  Then a year later, I was holding him.  God is so good.  (Can’t tell it now, but he was a blonde for the first few years of his life.)

He has the most beautiful infectious laugh.  He is a complete goofball.  He dances.  He giggles.  He runs. Jumps. Chases his sister. He hugs.  He loves.  He kisses his kitten on top of its head. He’s tender-hearted.  He loves video games. He tells me “Mom, you are lousy at Mario Kart.”  He’s honest.  He plays a mean game of basketball.  He loves to dig rivers in the front yard. He is the all American boy.

I remember when he was 6.  He told me that on his 7th birthday he was going to be baptized.  We didn’t realize that God had been working on his little heart.  And indeed when he was 7 he took the plunge.  After his shower every morning, he writes on his steamed up mirror, “God loves me”.  ((Sigh)) He makes his mama proud.

And today, he turns 10.

Happy Birthday, Sweetie.  I love you!!!  May God bless you always……


If you haven’t already heard….. it’s miserably hot here in Arkansas.  We have been living under this high pressure for what seems like a lifetime.  My grass crunches under you feet.  The kids and I actually cracked eggs on our street to see if you really could fry eggs on the asphalt.  The yolks cooked sorta.  It was really a big yucky mess!  It was fun trying!  I’m sure some critter thought it had died and gone to heaven when it found egg on the ground!

Yesterday evening, it rained!  It has been so long!  I yelled for the kids.  We ran outside and played.  Stomped in puddles.  Squealed with delight.  Out stretched our arms and pushed our heads back to soak up the raindrops.    It was so refreshing….. and the little girl in me had so much fun!!!

Mark pulled into the drive and found us soaked.  We were giggling.  Especially…. when he joined us!!!  It was a memory worth keeping.  Hallmark couldn’t do better!

Isn’t it amazing how rain can make everything new again?  There is nothing like the smell in the air after a good rain.  The thirsty grass and trees perk up looking so green.

God’s grace is my raindrops.  I need it every day.  At times, I get in a dry spell.  I get busy and forget to have my God time.  Sometimes, I find myself in a desert feeling isolated, afraid, and exhausted.  It is those times I want His raindrops of grace.  I outstretch my arms, lift my head up, and soak up every drop of grace.  Ifeel so refreshed afterwards.  I perk up feeling renewed.  I’m blessed.  Praise God, He’s sooooo good!!


Now, remember to come back by tonight at 8pm Central.  I will be here for a live chat on the book, Walking on Broken Glass by Christa Allan.  And a little birdie told me there may be a special guest popping in…… Oh, I can’t keep a secret!!  Ms. Allan herself will be chatting with us!  So come on by and chat!!

Soak up the raindrops!  God bless……

Give God a Hand

After yesterday’s post, I began to ponder.  Cultural Decline is increasing.  I thought about all the careless acts I have seen or done in the past.  Then I thought of one of my all time favorite movies, Evan Almighty.   I just love that movie.  It has a great message plus Steve Carell cracks me up!  My favorite line is “Sheeeeeppppp!!!!”  I crack up every time I hear it!!!  Really, I’m laughing right now.

Ahem….. give me a minute will ya….. I’ll get my composure.

Okay, now in all seriousness…..ahem….Just turn on the news and see how broken our world really is. So, I was thinking about Evan Almighty and how the whole “Act of Random Kindness” idea.  That thought led to another.  And that one to another. Maybe the song is right, “all we need is love.”

Would doing one single act of random kindness out of godly love every day change the world?


Well, there’s one way to find out!!  Alright my bloggy buddies let’s challenge ourselves to do one act of random kindness with God’s perfect love everyday for a week and let’s see if there’s a change.

Oh!!  I must tell you the most exciting news!  I wrote an article for the Arkansas United Methodist newspaper.  You gotta check it out!  Here’s the link  Hope you enjoy it!  I’m on page 4!!!

OH OH OH!  I almost forgot tomorrow I will be having a live chat for my book club tomorrow night at 8pm Central.  Come on by and let’s talk about the book,  Walking On Broken Glass!!

Enjoy your sizzling Wednesday!  God bless…..