I found a mushroom growing in my yard.  It looked like a large brown potato lying there.  I looked around and suddenly became a kid again.

I kicked it.

It burst into a ba-zillion pieces.  Some flew upward.  Others scattered near the resting place.  I laughed out loud.  Something in me felt so young again.

Then I thought about what that mushroom had to go through just to be found by me and kicked to oblivion.

Guilt set in.

For just a moment’s fun, a beautiful piece of God’s artwork had to suffer.  It crushed for my selfish childhood minute in time.  Its pieces laid all over as evidence of a juvenile attempt for amusement.

That piece of God’s creation……reminds me of how I sometimes take for granted what Christ did for me.

He died for me.  His body broken for me.  He gave his life so that I could have everlasting life.  God’s creation….. beautiful creation…..suffered, laid crushed….for me.

In a moment, God became obtainable.  He became near all of His children.  And at times, my life doesn’t reflect that sacrifice He made.  I get caught up in the juvenile way of living.  Being like a selfish child wanting more and more.  I can forget Christ’s brokenness in a moment’s notice for amusement or for fun.  Why?

For I don’t know why….. anymore than how I can tell you why I wanted to kick that mushroom.

Now, I don’t feel like a kid anymore.

Hopefully, you are enjoying the rain today.  May God bless you…….






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