A Gift

I received a gift the other night.  A very special gift that stirred strong emotions from within.  It began with curling up in my cozy bed and saying my nightly prayers.  I asked God to forgive, to heal, to mend, to hold, to love and to shower His grace.  Praises flowed from my heart.  At peace, I closed my eyes and dreamed.

The gift.

A dream.

A vivid dream like none other.  I could smell, taste, and feel the once familiar surroundings.  I found comfort in the the old homestead of my grandparents.  I took my kids on a tour.  Showed them every square inch of the house.  I turned on the window unit AC and showed them how to stand in front to let your hair blow away from your face.  I could smell the cold refrigerant.  I felt the cold blast on my face.

There was a bowl of peaches in the kitchen.  I felt the fuzz and breathed in the sweet aroma of Grandma’s peaches.  Grandma came home.  She looked like she did when I was child.  Her face shone with sheer delight to see us.  I could smell the snuff she once dipped.  And the palmolive fragrance of her hands made me want to hold on to them so tight.

I soaked in every moment.  It was the perfect homecoming.  She talked about how big my daughter had gotten.  She told a story on me…. biting into a peach off the tree and finding a worm.  My daughter squealed with delight.  I felt the heat of the embarrassing story on my cheeks.  I told the story of the peach tree splitting in half from the weight of all the fruit.

Then a special bonus to the gift….

Mom came into the kitchen.  She stood by the stove.  The old white gas burning stove that was the resting place for Grandma’s clear glass kettle.  I jumped to my feet.  I threw my arms around her.  I breathed in her Head n Shoulders shampoo scent.  I could feel her warmth and the love she felt.  It was a beautiful moment.

I ushered Mom over to my seat next to my girl.  They smiled as I was ordered by Grandma to find the sugar.  As I looked through the cabinets.  Mom and granddaughter laughed together with foreheads touching.  Just how grandmothers are supposed to……  angelic to watch.  Grandma caught me gazing and told me to hurry up with the sugar.  There it was the green Tupperware container with the golden etched flowers.

Praise God for that sweet sweet gift.

Enjoy your Thursday.  God bless……


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