Gotta buy a tire today.


Our van has “unique” tires.  They are never “in stock” and if we are lucky one tire will cost under $135.  Last time, I called a tire shop before going.  Was told the tire was in stock.  I drove 45 minutes to the place and waited alllllllllllll day.  I’m not kidding.  All day. For one tire.

Needless to say….. I’m not happy.  Because….. according to the internet the only place that has one tire in stock is that allllllllll day place.


As I sat here preparing to blog and complain, God tugged at my memory.  See, I may be complaining about the tire and all, but God just reminded me of how I learned I needed a new tire.

Friday, Mark just arrived home from work.  I was busy cooking when the doorbell rang.  A lady stood at my door.  She explained that she wasn’t stalking or anything but she followed our van.  There is a bulge in the back tire.  She wanted us to know before we drove it again.

We thanked her like crazy.

Thank almost never happens.

Believe God is at work don’t you.  So you see, I have no reason to complain.  I should be very thankful.

God bless……

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