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Sweet Goodness

The house filled with the warm aroma of spices.  Anxious mouths watered.  The smell alone caused the taste buds to dance.

Grandma’s Carrot Cake

Waterfalls of icing……

A pool of sweet delight…..

Warmth of Grandma’s hugs…..

Moist Grandma kisses of spice……

Grandma’s love from a simple recipe.

Enjoy your Friday.  God bless……



Oh, what a day yesterday turned out to be!!  It was an emotionally exhausting day!

Wednesday mornings, I attend Bible study at my church.  When I got home yesterday, I discovered Fred was not in the house.  Sometimes, he lets himself out the backdoor and that’s exactly what he did….. but, the back gate was wide open and Fred was missing!

My heart sank.  He can not see nor hear very well.  He’s old and not in the best of health.  Like any mother, panic set in.  I called out his name.  He never came.  I searched the back yard first.  I thought maybe he fell into one of the holes craters the big dogs dug.  If they are deep enough to fit my kids standing up, then they would be a trap for a blind old dog.  Empty.  

Fear swiftly filled my heart.  Tears flowed as I called for him over and over.  No Fred.  No where to be seen.  I felt sick to my stomach.

You’re a bad mother.

Strong words filtered my thoughts.  How could I have not looked for him before I left?  How could I not known he was out?

You don’t deserve pets.

You are irresponsible and stupid.

I jumped in the jeep and drove around the neighborhood.  I called out his name as I drove.  No sign of him.

A sick feeling churned in the pit of my stomach.

You know he is dead.

He’s gone forever, just like Gracie.

In my mind, I reenacted the day our border collie, Gracie, turned up missing.  I called her name as I drove around.  We never found her.  Three days later, we received a call from a neighbor.  Gracie had been hit by a car.  Tragic loss…. I never shall forget.

My prayers to God flowed along with my tears.  Fred means the world to me.  I promised him I would never let any thing bad happen to him again.

You broke your promise.

You are horrible.

I went home grabbed a leash and called for Ginger.  She and I were going to look on foot.  We walked for what seemed like hours.  We hiked in the wooded areas near our home.  I thought if Fred can get stuck in my twiggy pathetic rose bush, he could be stuck somewhere in the thicket.  We walked. I called.  I cried.  I just wanted my Freddie back.

Just give up, he’s gone.

I wouldn’t give up.  I never have with Fred.  He and I have a special bond.  I sat with him for days at the humane society clipping the yuck off of him.  I could barely stand his odor but his sad grateful eyes kept me clipping.   He was a hopeless case back then and I saw life in those eyes underneath all the filth.  I gave him a home, lots of love, attention, and my time.  I was not about to give up on him now.

Two and a half hours I searched and scoured our neighborhood.  I had put flyers around everywhere.  I posted him lost on Facebook and with the humane society.  Finally after driving around one more time, I prayed.  God, I have done all I can do.  I am giving this over to You.  Just bring Fred home.  You know what he means to me.

Soon after I arrived home, I went to the mailbox to check the mail.  Neighbors who go to my church and are taking the same study with me, stopped on their way home.  We chatted.  They noticed I wasn’t as chipper as I was that morning.  I explained about Fred.  They left.

I decided to check the back yard one more time. I was out by the back fence when I heard honking. I raced back to the house.  There in my drive was my neighbors and there was my Fred!!

She told me that Fred was in her yard.  He looked so lost and confused.  I had driven and walked by there several times.  I hugged her and thanked her.  As they pulled out my drive, I scooped my big fluffy Fred up and buried my face into his soft curls.  I cried the most grateful cry.  Sobbed into his fur.  I held him tight.  I had never been so happy to see him. I carried him inside and said a prayer full of gratitude.

I could have given up and gave in to those negative thoughts.  Sometimes I do and that’s when I find my heart freezing.  It is times like these I need hope the most.  Hope that only Christ can provide.   And when hope enters my heart, it melts and gratitude grows.

I hope you have a wonderful Thursday.

God bless……..

My Way


That is how my parents described me.  Got it honestly though.  My grandmothers were stubborn.  My father is the king of stubborn.  Yes, I learned it.

Bossy Britches.

My mother said it was the teacher in me.  My grandmother said it was her in me.  My father said the apple didn’t fall far from the tree.

Foot stomping…. MY WAY!

My parents decided that the best way was to let me learn the hard lesson of doing things “my way.”  God, too.  God really wants us to follow His way.  And when we get stubborn and wearing our bossy britches, God watches us stomp our foot and proclaim it as our way.  He let’s us go right ahead.  See funny thing is…. He knows the outcome.

Oh…. why do I do that?  I could save myself so much sorrow.

Enjoy your Wednesday….. God bless…..

Homecoming Dress

A young man asked my baby girl to this year’s homecoming dance.


I’m thrilled.

I remember my 9th grade homecoming dance.


I guess I’ve been putting off the inevitable.  We must purchase the perfect dress for this semi-formal occasion.

We wanted to make the afternoon special.  My taste and today’s fashions are apparently “totally opposite.”  So, I asked my fashionable and wise friend and her son to accompany us.  Mark and I had already talked…. no strapless, not too short, and modest.  My friend agreed and reassured my daughter and I that a dress can be found to fit that criteria.  Her son came along to add the “male perspective.”  Of course, baby girl had to bring her friend for moral support.

We got to the new mall and began the hunt.  Shopping is so tribal.  Our ancestors hunted wild game to clothe.  We hunt bargains.

I found the perfect dress. It is modest and in style.  I was thrilled to see that the “Little House on the Prairie” fashions are making a comeback.

Baby girl just laughed the I-hope-you-are-just-joking laugh.  I talked about how cool it was to be sporting this dress back in my day.  I couldn’t convince her into accepting the whole “setting a new trend” idea.

My dear sweet baby girl……

the angel sent baby girl…..

you have your head on straight and your heart loves God……

My sweet baby girl……. when did you grow up?

Yes, we found the perfect dress.  She looks beautiful.  I just hope her homecoming memories aren’t like mine.  ((shudder)) ((shudder))

Enjoy your Monday.  God bless….