Great Expectations

Looking forward to…..


Regarding to something that is likely to happen…..

To look for with reason…….

Great Expectations.

What are your expectations regarding Christmas?

Gifts?  The latest “gotta have” thing?

Perhaps, I have gotten old.  I don’t think of Christmas in terms of things.  It is love.  It is a time of remembrance.  It is a time of reflection.  It is a time to be most thankful.  It is a time for family and friends.  It is a time to think about Christ’s second coming.

God sent Christ as a gift for eternal life with Him.  He didn’t come to meet our expectations but our needs.  Think about it.  The Messiah was expected to be a great king, a great battle winning warrior, a savior from all suffering, and a leader to all Israelites.   However, in reality, He came to us as a babe, delivered in a manager, and unnoticed by so many. Trumpets didn’t sound.  Glorious fireworks didn’t explode with His arrival.  Quietly Jesus was born.   Humbled into this world.

We needed a gift of love and God met that need.  So, should our expectations be any more for Christmas?  Share love.  Not stuff.  Share Christ.  Not things.  Praise God.  Not selfishly finding satisfaction in giving.

That is what I have to remind myself every year.  Christmas should not be of this world but of spirit.  I do tend to stray from that thinking sometimes.  It is hard not to considering that Christmas decor makes it way into the stores as soon as the last firecracker is sold in July.  And now we are facing just a few days until it is here.  Sigh……  time to train my mind when I think “I gotta get” to “I gotta love.”

God bless…….

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