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Pumpkin Bread

It that time of the year!!  Time for pumpkin bread!!  Yesterday, I cooked down  one of my many pumpkins.  I lucked into finding them on sale for a buck each!  And with today’s economy…… that was a bargain!

I used to boil the pumpkins down.  Not anymore.  A friend explained that baking the pumpkins were so much easier.  And that is soooo true!  Now I just cut off the stem part, cut it in two, and clean it out.  I bake them on a cookie sheet (cut side down) for an hour at 375 degrees.

Once they are cooled down I can peel off the skin and mash the meat of the pumpkin…… it will look like this:

Now it is time to make the good old pumpkin bread.  I have mine in the oven right now.  Oh…. the house smells heavenly!!

I found this recipe in my “Taste of Tanako” cookbook.  Tanako is a local church camp.  It is very yummy and easy to make.

On a side note….. ever seen a blue egg?  I purchase my eggs from our Humane Society.  Anyway, they now have some Araucanas chickens and are selling blue eggs.  They are almost too pretty to eat!

Anyway, I hope you find the time to make some yummy pumpkin bread.  My mouth is watering right now smelling them bake!  I’ve got 30 more minutes until they are done!!


Today’s list…..

1.  pumpkins

2. recipe books

3.  cooler temperatures

4.  fall

5.  spices

6.  baking pumpkin bread

7.  Bible studies

8.  discussions on Bible truths

9.  left overs for lunch

10.  the delicious smell of pumpkin bread

Enjoy your Wednesday.   God bless…… and happy baking!!

Train Gone Bye-Bye

Ever caught yourself telling the kids, “I’ve said it a zillion times and I am not telling you again!”  When your words are playing like a broken record and no one is listening……frustrating isn’t it??

In the Deaf world, they simply sign “Train, Gone, Bye-Bye.”  Its meaning: “You’ve missed the train.”  It is used to denote that the signer will not repeat himself again.  Too Bad.  So Sad.  You missed the train.


I must confess.  I feel God telling me just that.  I woke up the other night knowing that God was calling.  He had something to  tell me.  And I chose to not go to Him.  I wanted to slumber.  Not one of my finer moments.



I shunned God.

I feel horrible.

I’ve walked around disconnected, guilty, and heavy at heart ever since.  I’ve prayed.  I know God is there.  How many times must He ask me to come and I shun before His response is “Train Gone Bye Bye”?  I could have missed an opportunity to spread His love.  I could have missed my next step.  I could have missed a lot. I could?  No I did……

Now, that one act of disobedience has led to another.  I missed another opportunity last night.  I had intentions and messed it up….. Again.

I allowed the disconnection to gain distance.  The guilt and shame prevents me to want God’s presence.  Now, I know how Adam and Eve felt.  This morning, I have walked around dreading to post.  Again shame and guilt are the ringleaders.

I know what I must do.

Lord, You are my creator.  You are the most Holy.  You are my Redeemer and Savior.  Lord, You spoke of the sluggard in Proverbs who chose slumber.  His need for slumber made him spiritually poor.  Father, I chose slumber.  I did not listen.  I missed the opportunity to spend time with You.  I chose to sleep over listening to Your wisdom and guidance.  My soul is covered in guilt and shame just like Adam and Eve covered themselves before you.  Lord, I ask for your mercy and forgiveness.  I ask that You seek for me again.  Lord, change my “want to”.  I want to follow hard after You.  I want to listen to You.  I want to do Your work.  Slumber isn’t what I want nor need.  Lord, please forgive me.  This distance I have placed between us is killing me.  I don’t like it.  I don’t want it.  I want You.  I want to feel Your presence Lord.  Please Lord, forgive me.  Draw me clsoe and love me.  Amen

I feel better.  I feel God’s presence.  I am ready to listen.  So I must go…..

But before I go…. Here’s today’s list.

1.  God’s forgiveness

2.  God’s mercy

3.  Timers

4.  Clothes to wash

5.  A home to keep

6.  A car to drive

7.  Crocheted sweaters

8.  Fred’s thunder booming snores

9.  Ginger’s impatience

10.  Breakfast with my family


Bet you thought I forgot……  My darling son drew the name of the winner of Ann Voskamp’s book and the Advent wreath.  Debbie is the winner!  Congrats!  I will be contacting you today in order to get your prizes to you.

Awwwww….. not to worry.  I will be having another give-away real soon!

Enjoy this Tuesday.  God bless……

Perks to Gratitude

Okay, Thanksgiving is just around the corner and for the past few days several of my bloggie friends have been making lists of God given gifts.  It warms my heart to know that some of you out there are taking my 300 gifts challenge.

Now, if you haven’t already felt good about your lists of gifts, this bit of information may add to your happiness.  There was a study done in Manchester, England.  401 adults were asked to fill out a questionnaire about their gratitude.  What was found was intriguing.  Those that scored higher slept better and longer than those where were so grateful.

It was discovered that folks that had a routine of making thankful lists or those who just lived life with a grateful heart did not have negative thoughts that nagged them while trying to fall asleep….. and they didn’t awaken in a panic either.

Now isn’t that something!!  Food for thought, huh??

Today’s list:

1.  90% off sales

2.  completed Christmas lists

3.  Shoe Fly Pie

4.  board games

5.  Silly kids

6.  Eating breakfast out with family

7.  tender-hearted boys

8.  Pizza Hut Pizza

9.  Sunday School

10.  Great Sermons

Now, tomorrow is the big day……  get your name in the drawing for Ann Voskamp’s book, One Thousand Gifts, and an Advent wreath.  Tomorrow I will be announcing the winner of the random drawing.

Enjoy your Monday.  Make a list and sleep tight tonight!  God bless…….

Today's List

Today’s list of 10 gifts:

1.  Fluffy cocker spaniels

2.  Wii games

3.  a daughter’s smile

4.  laughter

5. warm biscuits on a cold morning

6.  a phone call from Dad

7.  homemade jelly

8.  grandparents

9.  sneaking a kiss

10.  warm socks on cold feet

Enjoy your Friday….. God bless…..

Remember I am giving away Ann Voskamp’s book and an Advent wreath.  Just list at least 2 gifts God has given to get your name in the drawing.  I will draw a winner on Nov. 8.

Now, what are you waiting for????  post your list now!!


God thumped me on the head last night.


Made my eyes water.

And boy, did I deserve it.

Eye for an eye…….personal vengeance.

Exodus 21:23-24 reads:

But if there is serious injury,you are to take life for life, eye for eye, tooth for tooth, hand for hand, foot for foot,

By Jesus’ time, that law was defined as personal vengeance.  Like today.  Like me.  It gave me the idea that whatever wrong that was done to me, I could do back.  Justifiably.



Thump. Thump. Thump.

For crimes, it means the punishment should be fitted accordingly.  For personal revenge…… ahem……is not intended.

In Matthew 5,  Jesus redefined the eye for eye law.  Jesus explained that our ultimate desire should be to love and to forgive.  Not to seek revenge or to even the score.  My attitude should be that treating others fairly holds more importance than for me to be treated fairly. Contrary to how I have handled things in the past and ahem…… yesterday.

Recently, something happened to me that would be considered unfair.  My feelings were crushed.  My ego bruised.  My esteem beaten down even further.  In order to feel better what did I do??? Ran my mouth.  Unfair words came out with personal vengeance all over it.





Needless to say, after Bible class last night, I had some major praying to do. I took care of the situation the only way I knew how.  I fell back on to the Exodus
“eye for eye” verse and justified my behavior.  I did not pray.   I did not sit and listen.  I behaved.  I reacted.  I wanted to share the hurt.

A weakness indeed.  To react.  I should have sought strength by praying for the avenue in which was unfair.  Strength would have been to allow God and keep my mouth shut.  I must admit…..that kinda scares me.  Silly isn’t it.  Again, though it is my control issue at hand.  I want to get even. God wants to stand up for me.  Why should that scare me?  Letting go of the control…. I mean.

Well, now…… my list of 10 gifts:

1.  God’s thumps.

2.  God’s wisdom.

3.  God’s strength.

4.  God’s control.

5.  God’s guidance.

6.  God’s correction.

7.  God’s love.

8.  God’s ability to see good in me.

9.  God’s Word.

10.  God’s laws.

So, now it is your turn.  Remember, next Tuesday (Nov.8)  I will have a drawing for Ann Voskamp’s book, One Thousand Gifts , and an Advent wreath.  All you have to do is comment and leave at least 2 gifts that God has given.

Enjoy your Thursday….. God bless……